DCS news round-up: F-14, AI, Sale, S-3B and AH-64D

A lot of DCS news has come out over the last 48-hours so its time for a news round-up combined with the usual DCS World Weekend Update. Let’s have a look at everything happening including some new visual updates for the F-14, a status check on George and Petrovich AI, S-3B AI model update, and new videos for the AH-64D!

New Phoenix and TCS visual for the F-14

Heatblur are reporting that there are a couple of visual updates coming to the DCS: F-14. A new TCS internal texture update and a new white AIM-54A texture are on their way. No ETA is given but these will probably be in a Open Beta update soon.

Flash sale update

The first piece of news in this update is focused on the ongoing DCS World Flash sale. Announced a few days ago for the DCS e-Store, the sale has now spread to the Steam Store as well. The e-Store sale ends May 22nd while the Steam Store sale ends on the 16th.

As previously reported, this sale is notable for the 25% off pricing on the DCS: F-14 Tomcat from Heatblur. This is the deepest discount we’ve seen for this premier DCS World module. Other modules are on for up to 50% off.

George and Petrovich

Eagle Dynamic’s two AI assistants, George and Petrovich are making progress. Although they are already quite capable, there are some features that are missing particularly around AI target identification logic. Right now they will happily blast away at friendlies and enemies with enthusiasm.

Here’s what Eagle Dynamics reports:

We are progressing well on George and Petrovich AI target identification logic.  This system will be flexible and will allow mission designers to determine AI crew friendly targets versus hostile.

Eagle Dynamics

That’ll be a very good thing to see as these AI assistants increase in capability.

AI S-3B model update

One of the older models in DCS World is the S-3B Viking. This multi-use utility aircraft has a variety of capabilities but notably the player interacts with it frequently when tanking from aircraft carriers. The upgraded 3D model will surely enhance the fidelity of the experience and here we see some progress towards a more complete model.

AH-64D video updates

Separate from this weeks update but nonetheless newsworthy for DCS World fans are two new videos focused on the continued development of the DCS: AH-64D Apache.

The first video details how to ripple fire Hellfire missiles. This can be used where a friend in another helicopter is designating a target and your helicopter is firing at targets on two different designator codes (or channels in AH-64D parlance). Its an interesting cooperative feature and one that will surely see use in multiplayer with fellow AH-64D aircraft as well as others providing the target info.

Also up for feature development are two new autopilot modes. Hover and velocity hold modes will give the AH-64D more capabilities particularly with the hover mode that will let you focus on weapons while holding position for a shot.

And of course you can always check the DCS World Weekend News update for more information or visit the Screenshots page for some high res images of the S-3B.


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  1. CanadaOne says:


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  2. Urgent Siesta says:

    If you don’t have the Tomcat yet, boys n girls, do yourselves a favor…!

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    1. CanadaOne says:

      I don’t fly it a lot, but I insist on having the coolest tech toys and eye candy for DCS, so I bought it. And it is ridiculously well made.

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  3. Gretsch_Man says:

    Nice videos for the Apache. I especially like the look of the new South Atlantic map. 😉


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