IAR, Ar234, and new Barrage Balloons for Battle of Normandy

A new developer update is out and in it we get a good dose of new visuals. A nearly completed Ar234 model, new Barrage Balloons for the Normandy invasion fleet and an updated look at the IAR 80/81 project. Let’s have a look!

Barrage Balloons with some cool new features

Some of the famous imagery of the Normandy invasion fleet involves the massed numbers of Barrage Balloons that floated above the fleet. Acting as a defense against attacking airplanes, the balloons themselves provided a hazard to any potential aerial attack while the high tensile strength cables they were connected to also served to be a potentially deadly defense against attacking aircraft. And they are coming to IL-2 Battle of Normandy.

Today it was confirmed that the balloons in the sim can be towed, winched up and down, and the balloon can even fly away if the cable is hit hard enough. Very cool details!

You may also note in the images that we have the latest look at the new Mosquito and what looks like it might be the Normandy map (or is that Kuban? I’m undecided).

Arado and IAR progress

Meanwhile we see progress coming for two of the aircraft in development. First, the Arado Ar234 which looks to be closely following the Mosquito in the development process. Jason reports in the update that the aircraft is “nearing the final stages of development” so this does look to be in good shape for release – hopefully sooner than later!

Some of the different varieties of skins are on display here. The Ar234 didn’t have a huge variety of options but we do have some winter and summer schemes along with some unique markings among the few units who flew the world’s first operational jet bomber.

Finally, the IAR80/81 Collector Plane is making some progress too. Being made by a third party developer, the cockpit interior is reportedly close to being done and is ready for texturing.


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    That’s interesting – I did not know the Luftwaffe were doing Winter camo in 1944/45.

    The Arado and Mossie were what sold me BoN. Oh, and the map.

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  2. Fafnir_6 says:

    Me410 and Typhoon are also things that make BoN stand out next to all previous flight sim releases since EAW in the 90’s. Both were significant types on the battlefield and always got passed over. It’s great to finally get them properly implemented in a modern sim. IL-2 1946 did actually have a nicely rendered Mossie and Ar234B-2 back in 2007.



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