More DCS: South Atlantic with Growling Sidewinder

The last video that Growling Sidewinder made with RAZBAM focused on the DCS: F-15E and it is in this new video but it takes a back seat as he explores the new DCS: South Atlantic map. You don’t want to miss this.

Stunning, beautiful

The first couple of minutes of this video focuses on the map is cinematic in nature as we get even more impressive looks at the map and its satellite based ortho imagery. We’re used to this kind of imagery in X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator but DCS has tended to use more of a hybrid mix of satellite and painted on textures to achieve its goals. RAZBAM has taken this in a more X-Plane/MSFS kind of direction and that is going to be very interesting.

Growling Sidewinder also shows us some of the airbases and the assets that are shipping. HMS Invincible is a particular standout as this ship was instrumental in the Falklands War. It’s arrival as an asset with this map portents RAZBAM’s ambitious content plan. We’ve seen evidence work being done on an early version of the Harrier as flown by the Royal Navy at the time – Don’t expect it any time soon but we know its there in the long term vision.

Anyways, go watch the video and enjoy the sights!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    This could be the biggest and best change to the platform since the clouds. Absolutely my most anticipated add-on. No plane or chopper I want more than this.

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  2. Maverick is the best movie ever! says:

    I’m stunned. That’s it. DCS 3.0 is on. Can someone imagine Caucasus with the full RAZBAM treatment? All those unplayed campaigns, skipped training missions… a real reboot that would be! South Atlantic, day one purchase!

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