Just Flight provides an update on their PA-38 Tomahawk

Announced in March of this year, Just Flight are now moving forward with development on their PA-38 Tomahawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest screenshots show the impressive levels of detail achieved in the cockpit and on the exterior. Let’s have a look at what they’ve been up to!

The next Piper

Just Flight are following up their successful PA-28 Arrow and Warrior series of aircraft with a new general aviation entry. This time its the two seat PA-38 Tomahawk. A two seat, low wing, tricycle landing gear trainer aircraft with an unfortunate reputation for poor behavior in spins and stalls. The aircraft was actually designed to be easier to spin than a Cessna 150/152 so as to enable trainee pilots to learn spin recovery, however, issues with the wing design made recovery unpredictable and the NTSB in the US estimated that the PA-38 had a two to three time higher accident rate than the comparable Cessna.

A bit of a troublesome aircraft which, when it comes to simulation, can actually be quite interesting when modelled right. Try your luck at spinning, stalling and recovering in the PA-38 sounds like it might make for an interesting module.

Just Flight has provided us with a small update reporting that their visual detailing work is almost done and they are turning their attention to systems while their audio team have spent some time with a real world PA-38 recording sounds so that this aircraft will not only look but also sound the part.

Here are some choice screenshots.

Check out Just Flight’s website for the rest!


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