Flight Journal: First multiplayer sortie in the Mosquito

With the release of the Mosquito for IL-2 Battle of Normandy, I was anxious to get a little Mosquito time as quickly as possible. I hopped into Combat Box last night to do a quick flight and managed a mostly successful mission. Here’s the story.

The plan and the takeoff

The scenario that was playing at the time was Combat Box’s eastern front focused Crimea mission. Not the ideal backdrop for the Mosquito from a historical perspective but a useful and fun one when it came to flying the aircraft.

We decided to set out from the airbase at Anapa, work our way up the coast line, cross the Kerch Strait, and attack an artillery position.

Spawning at Anapa revealed a predictable yet thoroughly enjoyable fact. Everyone wanted to check out the Mosquito. To the left of me? a half dozen Mosquitos. To the right? Something similar. And one P-38 just to break it up.

The Mosquito is a bit of a handful on takeoff and so one of the hazards departing this airbase were the other Mosquito pilots. One was busy doing uncontrolled donuts just off to the right side of the flight line. Another was having trouble getting it going.

I wove my way up the middle and took off.

Now it was time to find my friend and before long we established contact and he lead the way down the coast with myself in close proximity.

Inbound to target

With a few hours of DCS: Mosquito already under my belt I was instantly at home in the cockpit. I knew my way around most of the systems and knew what I needed to think about when it came to managing the engines. Radiator controls for example are either all the way closed or all the way open.

Skimming beneath some thick clouds, we made our way down the coast and across the Kerch Strait. On the right was our target. An artillery position guarding the mouth of the strait.

I had good visibility on the target so I rolled in first while the second Mosquito in the formation rolled in about 10-seconds later. Just enough to give us ample separation on the bomb run.

I picked a target and released two bombs. Then, I targeted a flak battery located almost immediately behind my bomb drop target. My shots were accurate and the flak gun exploded. Behind me, my bombs also exploded destroying a tent, some supply crates and a couple of artillery pieces.

Meanwhile, the number two in the formation was running in and dropped a single bomb on his target. That one exploded to good effect!

He broke left while I went right and over the water. Unfortunately one of the remaining flak batteries opened up and hit his Mosquito causing damage to the wing, fuel tank, and rudder. He made a turn for home while I dropped my two remaining 500lb bombs on another cluster of targets. These bombs landed perfectly and destroyed the target just a few seconds later.

Disaster on the way home

With a damaged Mosquito and us out of bombs, it was time for an exit. Tracing our route back down the coast, the number 2 aircraft was struggling to stay straight and speed was reduced. I stayed with him offering mutual protection.

We had made it most of the way back to the base when I suddenly exploded.

A FW190 had tracked us back, staying in our blind spots, and taking advantage of the crippled speed to catch us both. Within a minute the Focke Wulf had made short work of both Mosquitos and the mission was over.

A successful strike, but at a terrible price.


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  1. Reynard11 says:

    Never forget this fact, Butcherbirds are insectivores! 😀


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hah! Yes indeed!


  2. Blue 5 says:

    Damn that pesky Fw!

    You have your exhaust dampers on – I read that they are quite draggy and should be left off.


    1. Ian says:

      About 15mph slower according to http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mosquito/mosquito.html.
      It’s cool it is an option.


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah they do have a drag penalty. We just loaded up and fired away and didn’t really look at a lot of the options… this was pretty raw 🙂


  3. sunrrrise says:

    I really need to give it a try, I mean another chance. Somehow I like the concept and look of heavy fighters, but on the other hand I found them to heavy to my taste – P-38 is the maximum I feel good when I flying it.

    But damn me, now Mosquito and there is also Me-410 incoming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      For me I don’t see these as heavy fighters. I see them as strike aircraft. The Mossie is just agile enough to maybe handle a fighter if they get sloppy but its not going to duel them.

      But it will hit a target zone hard.


  4. Ted says:

    Nice to have in GB. But I don’t know how FM engineers could make so obvious mistake and in game Mossie require left rudder to take off, where real plane exhibits left turning tendencies on the ground and right rudder to counter.


  5. Francesco Kasta says:

    What a nice read!
    Too bad it ended abruptly… but such is the life of virtual aviators!

    After Not touching any sims in a fairly long time, today I dusted my cockpit and VR headset and played a while with the Mossie. What a majestic beast!

    Flying a fast and close attack formation is far more FUN than I anticipated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s a superb airplane and a fantastic experience!


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