F-16 gets a flight model update, Mi-24 gets new missiles, plus FLIR talk

Eagle Dynamics has a bunch of updates coming out this DCS World Weekend News update. The F-16C gets another flight model update, the Mi-24P is getting the R-60M, and we’ve got some talk about some FLIR updates. So let’s get to it!

F-16C flight model and FLCS updates

Eagle Dynamics are still working on the flight model and the FLCS on the DCS: F-16C. The update is intended to bring it even closer to the available references and CFD modeling that they have done on the aircraft. Negative G capabilities, the transition between gear up and gear down, and more. Some of these are minor tweaks but they do make a difference.

Not included in ED’s update but updated today nonetheless is a preview of these updates from Growling Sidewinder. This is a great demonstration of what the type can do with these updates. Have a watch!

Growling Sidewinder also provided a nice list of new features. That includes the maximum command for negative 3G, take off and landing and a bunch of other logic changes to the FLCS. Have a look!

Mi-24P updates

The Hind is getting some work done on it too. Coming in the next Open Beta are the addition of the R-60M missile. This short range IR missile is ideal for air-to-air combat, however, it can also be used for ground attack – that later feature is still to be added later on in DCS.

Here’s what the update says about the missile and its use on the Mi-24.

The APU-60-I and APU-60-II missile launchers are placed on the outer weapon rack pylons, and they can accommodate one or two missiles per launcher respectively. After the missile’s power is engaged, warm-up will take 1 minute before it can be used. The pylon selector on the same panel will choose the missile launcher, and after the missile launcher is switched on, it will take an additional 10 seconds for the missile’s gyros to spin-up. The R-60 missiles use the Peltier effect, which is also called thermoelectric cooling. It transfers heat from one side of the device to the other and does not use any additional consumables to cool the seeker.

That’s not all. The Mi-24P is also getting its Kord heavy machine gun. The gun and gunner fire out of the side of the helicopter. The gunner, animations for the gunner, and all of the necessary modeling are currently underway. The gunner will have the same abilities as the gunners on the Mi-8 and UH-1H.

FLIR talk

DCS World has a new IR modeling texture set and system now in place. It’s most effective on the new AH-64D Apache, however, other aircraft are having some contrast and visibility problems.

ED report that they are working on backlighting for the DCS: A-10C targeting pod and Maverick missile displays, while also working to improve the default level and gain settings on the Hornet and Viper.

Good to see those issues get some resolution.

For all of this and more, visit the latest DCS World Weekend News update.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Glide says:

    Great to see the yaw oscillation bug getting tamed. I’ve seen the AI do that oscillation as well as massive altitude oscillations. Looking forward to the next update.


  2. CanadaOne says:

    Was really looking forward to an update yesterday, not just a newsletter. Good chance when the next one drops it could have some nice toys coming along with it.


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