Get yourself ready for the Mi-24P’s R-60 with this new tutorial

Another great DCS: Mi-24P Hind tutorial coming at us from Wolfpack345. This time its teaching us how to make use of the R-60M which will be coming in one of the next open beta releases. Let’s check it out!

R-60 tutorial

Coming into service starting in 1974, the R-60 was initially developed for the MiG-23. Its light weight and small size made it a useful missile for implementation on a wide variety of platforms. That includes the Hind which we’re now seeing implemented on the DCS: Mi-24P.

This latest tutorial video shows us how to make use of the missile. That includes how to use the two new panels that are in the cockpit to aid in its use. Check out Wolfpack345’s video so you’re ready to use it when the next open beta arrives. Enjoy!


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