Casmo goes low level over DCS: South Atlantic

We’ve seen some high altitude, fast jet footage for DCS: South Atlantic but now we’re getting a whole new perspective thanks to RAZBAM and Casmo. Let’s have a look!

Down in the weeds

Satellite imagery looks great from high altitude but down low it can suffer from a blocky appearance. Most DCS maps circumvent that issue by using satellite imagery at higher altitudes and then blends it with terrain textures at lower altitudes. RAZBAM’s approach looks to be a bit of a mix with a both coming together along with a huge variety of placed buildings and scenery.

The map is still in the works and Casmo has a great conversation on what the RAZBAM map team have been doing and the work they still have to do. Right now there are still some placeholder buildings but the team intends to replace all of those by the time the map releases.

They also talk about the plan to initially just do the Falklands before they ended up extending the map to include a chunk of the main land. The map has also been revealed to have some interesting elements such as construction cranes that move, lighthouses that have spinning beacon lights, and even some killer whales that are floating around.

We also have confirmation that the mountains are planned to get some additional details with better textures and terrain resolution at some point. So if you were feeling that they were looking at little blocky… you were not alone. Have a look!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Apparently it’s out today. Ain’t dat da shizzle! 🙂


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Article dropping shortly 🙂


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