DCS: AH-64 project update and altitude-hold mode

A new tutorial video from Eagle Dynamic’s Matt Wagner acts as both a tutorial on how to use the new upcoming altitude hold mode for the DCS: AH-64D and a small roadmap for what’s coming next. Here’s a summary of what Matt said.

Where it’s going next

First, Eagle Dynamics are introducing a new altitude hold mode for the DCS: AH-64D. This mode can only kick in if the speed is lower than 40 knots and the altitude change is less than 100 feet per minute. Once enabled you can go hands free on the helicopter letting you worry about other things.

Matt also gives us an indication of some upcoming features. The next few in the pipeline include the TSE (target state estimator) which will give the gun more accuracy against both static and moving targets. The TSE can also be used with rockets.

There are plans to update the George AI for when the AI is flying the helicopter. They intend to resolve some problems with the control logic that leads to issues with “settle with power” problems flying the helicopter. New voice overs for the AI are coming too!

There are also updates for tuning the yaw offset, new abilities letting the TADS lock on to a target, new pilot models, an automatic anti-torque option for new players, and the ability to go into a multiplayer mission and select and then directly fly from the CPG seat without having a human in the back seat.

Further on down the road there are still plans to bring in the fire control radar, the radar guided Hellfire missiles, and the Longbow datalink. Exciting times for Apache helicopter fans!


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