FJP on YouTube talks with ED staff. Typhoon. Phantom. Tornado? Plus rumour control.

News has already been making the rounds today with talk about an interview with Eagle Dynamics staff Simon Pearson and Ben Whiteley. Posted on the Fast Jet Performance YouTube channel, the interview lets us learn some interesting things about the behind the scenes activities of Eagle Dynamics. Also, we’ve learned that they may have gotten a bit too enthusiastic about some items as we’ve had a few corrections made since then. Tornado talk? I know that got your attention. Here’s what they said, what’s been corrected, and what we know!

The interview

Posted yesterday, the interview between channel owner Tim Davies, Simon Pearson, Eagle Dynamics Business Development Director, and Ben Whiteley, Associate Producer, revealed lots of interesting tidbits.

The slightly over 1-hour interview is far ranging so if you want to listen in, here it is!

Skimming through the interview, you’ll hear that there are some interesting developments going on. Let’s cut to the chase on the aircraft module side of things. Phantom is still slated for end of the year according to the interview. Eurofighter is due sometime next year. Then Simon mentions the Tornado. Hold your thoughts on that for a moment.

There are other items mentioned in there too such as a refurbishment to the F-5 and to the Su-25T. Simon even muses about a potential low fidelity Su-57.

There’s also mention of the DTC (mentioned by Matt Wagner in the recent F-16 update) and the dynamic campaign. On the campaign Simon talks about all of the elements involved including AI, integrated air defenses, and drilling all the way down to how aircraft might operate, what logistics might be involved, and even how morale could affect troops.

There was also talk about implementing mid-mission save points. That all sounds cool but there are some corrections coming out from the community managers so let’s talk about that too.

Let’s get some corrections in there

Let’s do the Tornado first. I saw this and I nearly jumped for joy as a full fidelity Tornado module would be a very high point on my wish list. I wouldn’t care which generation or type so long as it was a Tornado. Unfortunately, this is not something that’s coming soon.

Disappointing of course but better to clear things up. I think we can chalk this up to Simon and Ben’s passion and enthusiasm. I will allow a little gleam of light in, however, as this may not be any way confirmation of a Tornado module coming anytime soon but it might be an indication of an enthusiasm for one. Enthusiasm can be a motivator for development later on.

Ten or more years ago I remember talk on the DCS World forums that an F-16 would eventually join the aircraft list and now that’s the case. It did take a while so, don’t, as they say, hold your breath.

There is a pernicious rumour floating around that Panavia, the international consortium that came together to develop Tornado, is a sticking point. That remains a rumour to the best of my knowledge and nobody at Eagle Dynamics has ever confirmed that as a problem. I will attempt to learn more.

Now let’s talk about the F-5 upgrade. There was some implications that the F-5 might go the way of the A-10C II with a $10 upgrade for existing customers. He even mentions some upgraded artwork. This is what NineLine says in response:

There is a bit more in another response that the F-5 is indeed being updated but its not expected, at this time, to be a paid update nor a major change to the aircraft variant or to its capabilities.

Here’s another bunch of tidbits from NineLine on some other elements of the DCS core systems. Namely, multi-core and air traffic control. Here’s what he said:

What happened?

At this point some of you might be wondering just what’s going on. The answer is that I don’t know but I can attempt to guess at what tends to happen in situations like this.

There’s a lot going on with a company like Eagle Dynamics and a project like DCS World. Simon and Ben’s enthusiasm for the project is clear. It’s nearly infectious if you’ve watched the video. Both are clearly involved with DCS World and know a lot of the inner workings, however, I also know that projects of scale and scope like this one often change their plans frequently in order to adapt to their current situation (market, resources, research, etc.).

What might be on the internal roadmap one week is off the roadmap the next. I’ve been in situations like that and that’s just a normal state of being. Most of the time that never really escapes into the public sphere. Yesterday, a few tidbits might have.

As always I will be keeping up to date on what’s going on and either correcting this article as new information comes in or providing more details in follow up articles. Stay tuned!


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  1. _BringTheReign_ says:

    Thank you for clearing up the confusion on this one! Personally super excited to hear about any F-5 news. The Cold War era is heating up in DCS, and I’m all thumbs up!

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  2. CanadaOne says:

    Provincial holiday here today, Definitely will sit and give this a listen.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Oh nice. No such luck here in Ontario.

      That’s next Friday! 🙂


  3. Urgent Siesta says:

    Great to see that ED was quick to make definitive statements to clear the air.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Agreed! That definitely helps me with the reporting on it as well.


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