The IL-2 summer sale is on!

Yep, you knew it would be coming sooner than later. IL-2 Sturmovik’s summer sale season is upon us and its bringing with it some great deals on the main titles of the series and various add-on aircraft and vehicles. Let’s have a look!

Coming in like a Hurricane

This sale offers the usual assortment of deals including 85% off on Battle of Stalingrad, 75% off most other titles in the series, and 50% off on a variety of collector planes. One that stands out this time around? The Hurricane Mark II is up for 75% off which offers an outstanding value for one of the best Collector Planes that 1CGS has ever done (read the Hurricane Mark II review here)

In addition to the Great Battles series, Cliffs of Dover Blitz and Desert Wings – Tobruk are on sale. The latter is on sale for 50% off for the firs time ever. There are some deals to be had there too!

Check out the announcement here.


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