MSFS’ Jorg Neumann interviewed by HeliSimmer and appears in Smithsonian video

A couple of interesting pieces of Microsoft Flight Simulator content have come out over the last several days featuring Jorg Neumann from Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sérgio Costa from has also done a very interesting interview with the Flight Simulator lead with plenty of helicopter talk. Then there’s a short Xbox video featuring him at the Smithsonian. Let’s have a look!

Enjoy these videos and interviews

Parris Lilly and Jorg Neumann link up to do a fun video at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. They ham it up a bit with a bit about a secret destination but its too good to keep secret. The video gets down to the details quickly and they have a brief chat about the collaboration between the Microsoft Flight Simulator team and the Smithsonian.

The access to the museum appears to be a new source for potential future airplane additions using detailed scans and data that the museum maintains. The video is light on new details about the 40th Anniversary special but it is big on heart! I love the genuine glee that Jorg has as he walks around and points out some of the great aircraft in the collection. Check out the video!

Follow that up with this great interview with Sérgio Costa from They talk about the two new helicopters coming with the 40th Anniversary as well as how the helicopters avionics and systems are coming along. There’s also great discussions about their collaborations with third party teams and their openness to continue to work with even more third parties over time. Have a listen to all of that and more.


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