OctopusG shows off Su-22 video for DCS

OctopusG is surprising everyone with the release of a video that details a lot of the work on their Su-22 project for DCS World. Let’s have a look!

Further along than we thought?

Several people tagged me, pinged me and otherwise let me know that a new OctopusG video had surfaced with a closer look at the Su-22. Last week we were surprised to see an interesting update that we all later identified as a Su-17 or 22. We speculated that it was intended for DCS World but we didn’t know for sure. This new video helps confirm some details and it reveals quite a bit about what’s already working in the jet.

First, this is clearly a DCS World project as the demo is using DCS World’s Caucasus map. Second, and much to my surprise, the systems programming is already evolved enough to allow the video creator to run through a start-up sequence, adjust the wings, takeoff, and fly the aircraft around. Third, flight model programming appears to be underway too with the video demoing the aircraft’s behaviour including stalls and spins particularly while operating with different wing sweep levels.

Count me as surprised at how well evolved this already is.

There are of course lots of things that are not done yet. The cockpit and exterior model are very much work in progress efforts right now as well with few if any textures. But those are obvious things that get done during development.

Watch the video

Enough from me, what you really should do is watch the video below and see for yourself!

Clearly, this project is moving along well and has already achieved some levels of completion that enable it to be displayed in this way. This is still a project that has many steps to go through before it can be downloaded to our systems for early access but it is further along than I thought.


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