DCS World updates: JF-17 dev news, F1 news, and SK-60 mod

Rounding up a variety of DCS World news items as we come to the end of this week. There’s news from Deka Ironworks on some updates to the JF-17 Thunder as that project comes out of early access. Aerges have given us a tantalizing tidbit of information about the DCS: F1 project, and a group of modders have put together a very cool SK-60 trailer. Let’s have a look!

JF-17 update from Deka

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Deka Ironworks but a new DCS World Weekend News update brings with it a small developer update. There is a new roadmap for the DCS: JF-17 with plans to complete the Chinese flight manual and then the English flight manual after that. After that they intend to improve the existing sensors and fix bugs before finally improving existing weapons and bugs.

The note mentions a new WA radar mode which will also be added later.

The team also notes that they intend to move the module into a fully released status (its currently early access) and that additional updates will come after. Those updates include a canopy ejection animation, more detailed model of the landing gear compartment, damage model and level of detail updates and external textures will be finalized and more liveries will be added.

Read about that here.

Mirage F1 moves to release?

Aerges submitted the DCS: F1 to Eagle Dynamics months ago and we’ve heard small updates ever since that time. Notably, we’ve had RedKite do a series of excellent tutorial on how to fly the jet covering start-up and some of the systems. I expect we’ll see a few more videos before too long as it sounds like Aerges is angling for a release very soon.

Aerges have announced on their Facebook page that they will be posting a screenshot a day until release.

We start today a daily post with a screenshot of our imminent Mirage F1 module.

Aerges on Facebook

Queue up the usual “two weeks” jokes that are prevalent in the DCS World community. That said, I suspect that release is not too far away and screenshot a day is a good way to hype us up before what they say is an imminent release.

Look for more screenshots soon!

New SK60B mod is turning heads

The world of DCS modding has produced some impressive and highly detailed as well as obvious quick additions to the series. This one looks like one of those highly detailed experiences and it comes with its own trailer.

Modeling SAAB’s SK60, a light jet with trainer and attack roles, this mod aims to bring it to DCS World. The description on the trailer above comes with a note that the mod is nearing its release stage so stay tuned.

Judging by what we saw, it appears to have a relatively complex flight model, detailed exterior and interior, working instruments and weapons. Definitely an aircraft to pay close attention to if you like modding your DCS experience.

DCS sale ongoing

Of course the other thing happening right now is the DCS World summer sale. It’s still happening and will continue until July 11 at 1500 GMT.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. CanadaOne says:

    I would prefer it was the F-15E coming out soon and not the Mirage, but Mirage people need toys too I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      IMHO, I think the F-15E is in contention for end of the year.


    2. ALA22_JuanC says:

      F15 is to be by a different developer.
      Mirage is by AERGES developer.


  2. Maffedur says:

    Eagerly awaiting both aircraft, but the Mirage just scratches a cold war itch that no aircraft in DCS currently can, while F-15 is basically a buffed up F-16.

    Liked by 1 person

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