New X-Plane developer tackles Embraer E120

Relatively new X-Plane developer, Jemma Studios Dev Workshop, has made a splash in the X-Plane community by announcing that they are deep into development on an Embraer E120 turboprop for X-Plane. Here are some details

Small turboprop airliner

Small turboprop airliners can be quite a bit of fun to fly with shorter range and the ability to access a wider variety of airports. You could conceivably fly a few routes in the same sim session. That’s why the announcement of another entry in that category caught my attention.

Jemma Studios Dev Workshop previous aircraft release was back in March of 2022 with their CFM Shadow D-D ultralight. That was clearly a test of the studio’s abilities and now they are tackling a far bigger project with some key features for this paid aircraft.

Here are what they have listed in their announcement:

  • High fidelity 3D model will interactive exterior elements. Ground elements, access panels, doors, etc will be fully interactive.
  • 4K textures
  • Full 3D cabin with interactive elements.
  • Fully interactive, and operational, circuit breakers.
  • Lots of liveries plus a paint kit for livery painters.
  • AVITAB integration
  • FMOD sound pack.
  • User defined dynamic tail numbers tied to specific liveries

Sounds like a good list of features for a budding developer. This will be an interesting one to keep an eye on.

Check out the announcement here.


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