Microsoft and Tobii host MSFS Reno Air Races

Want to win some hardware from Tobii or Thrustmaster? Put your air racing skills to the test and you just might. Microsoft have announced a new Reno Air Race series utilizing the Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on of the same name to challenge community members in a series of races leading to one winner who will be crowned winner of the challenge. Here are the details.

Enter the race

Coming up on August 3rd, racers will enter into a preliminary round that will whittle the competition down to just 49 racers who will then compete in seven Unlimited Class races. The first-place winner will then move to the Grand Final. Points will be awarded based on placement in the races and the pilot with the most points over a series of 4 races (Biplane, T-6, Unlimited, and Jet) will then be crowned the Grand Champion.

Feeling competitive? Learn more about the race over here. Stormbirds is now a Tobii Affiliate as well so check that out if you’re purchasing something from Tobii. A full review of their eye and headtracking solution will be coming up at a later date.


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  1. Mike (Hoss) says:

    The Air Race module is the only reason I would have for buying MSFS.

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