Carenado talks PC-12 and releases new screenshots

Carenado’s next aircraft release is taking form as a series of screenshot releases and some new details emerge around the release of their Pilatus PC-12 simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Let’s have a look!

New screenshots, new details

The PC-12 is well on its way to becoming Carenado’s next marketplace release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Pilatus’ PC-12 is a popular turboprop aircraft filling a variety of light utility roles, transport and personal aircraft.

On June 29, Carenado posted to Facebook with notice that their PC-12 was well on its way towards release.

It has been intense weeks of development, improving even more details so that you can fully enjoy the improvements of MSFS2020, we hope to launch our PC12 soon, we have had a series of development events that have delayed our plan a bit, however, We believe we are close, as always we appreciate your patience, thank you.

Carenado on Facebook

I assume the development events are reference to some of the other projects that Carenado has taken on recently. Namely the Gee Bee, the Staggerwing, and the Beech 18. It could also reference some development challenges but Carenado is leaving that to our imaginations.

Still, it appears that whatever blockers were in place are now out of the way as this aircraft moves to release.

Then, today Carenado released a package of 12 screenshots showing off the aircraft in beautiful detail both inside and out.

Typically when we hear these kinds of statements from Carenado and see these types of screenshots, release is usually not too far away. I expect that will the be the case with the PC-12 as well.

Look for a Marketplace release soon. In the meantime, checkout Carenado on Facebook!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    The model looks great, just a question if the flight model and the update support will be sufficient.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Carenado have been pretty decent about continual updates with MSFS. The Mooney M20R was their second aircraft release and has seen several updates and improved support for the Carenado tablet system over time – as an example.

      As for flight model, here they seem to be doing an adequate job. Not pushing the envelope either.


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