Do you know anything about an I.A.R.-I.O.R Teleflex gunsight?

1CGS is working with a third party to bring us the IAR80/81 Collector Plane for the IL-2 Great Battles Series. This Romanian fighter aircraft is now well underway, however, the developers are appealing for some additional information to help boost the accuracy of the model. Do you know anything about the I.A.R.-I.O.R Teleflex gunsight? You might be able to help.

Digging for details

Recreating World War II era aircraft can be an exercise in historical research and frustration. Over the years I’ve done a fair bit of digging myself and it can be a challenge to find accurate sources on the detailed operation of these aircraft. This is one such case where the 1CGS team are making a public appeal for added data.

Specifically, they are looking for added details on the I.A.R.-I.O.R Teleflex gunsight.

So – did anyone have more detailed photos of I.A.R.-I.O.R Teleflex gunsight? (except the ones posted on this page?). Cause its not clearly vicible {sic} – whats on the left plate of the gunsight (wheres handle for mirror angle adjustment).

1CGS developer VikS

The community has already dug up many resources, books and other sources of knowledge to help answer some questions but other items remain a mystery. It’s all part of the effort that 1CGS goes into making each aircraft and here we can see a slightly more public version of the effort as they aim to bring us this unique aircraft.

If the information cannot be found, I wouldn’t be upset in the slightest if 1CGS fudges it a bit but at the same time I appreciate the attention to historical accuracy.

If do you have additional details, check out this research thread on the official forums for more information.


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  1. Firdimigdi says:

    A few years back I could’ve of had asked friends who were in medical school there to jaunt over and snap a few pics, alas – for better of for worse – they’re doctors now.

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