Heatblur DCS: F-14 update includes talk of very early F-14A and IRIAF version

Heatblur are continuing to refine and add features to their incredible DCS: F-14 module. The latest updates include some notable fixes and refinements to the current version but we also have some new information on the early version of the F-14A and the Iranian IRIAF F-14 which will add another element to this module. Let’s have a look!

F-14 improvements

This week we’re going to see some improvements to the F-14. In the now slightly delayed open beta patch, the F-14 is going to see the following:

The beating drum of progress continues with this week’s patch. Amongst further AIM-54 guidance improvements, bugfixes and improvements- dismounting the refueling probe door is now possible and the LOX gauge is back in it’s rightful place!


No doubt the AIM-54 guidance improvements will be welcome as this missile has been tricky to get right in DCS World. The note about the refueling probe door is interesting too and I’ve since learned that the door proved problematic by affecting airflow around the probe, could sometimes be hit by the refueling basket, and even be a concern for becoming disconnected and sucked into the engine.

Heatblur are also looking to the future with new features coming.

Next major features for the F-14 include the in-cockpit pilot, new radar ECM effects, FORGE dynamic cockpit and another brand new free campaign!


All of that sounds good but its a follow-up comment that really caught my attention.

Currently work is ongoing on the sound synthesizer for the ALR-45 and Phantom’s APR-46; this is one of the last remaining major engineering items for the early -A. 🙂 Bar unforeseen circumstances, sometime in late summer or early fall. This will unlock the IRIAF F-14A as well.


Exciting news! This update will deliver us two versions of the F-14 early with the more primitive RWR system. Curious to see what the IRIAF F-14 variant ultimately ships with as this version has been modified a few times over the years and is the only operator of the F-14 in 2022.

Keep an eye on Heatblur’s Facebook page for more.


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  1. Finally proper IRIAF F14s and not just fancy liveries to play pretend. Looking forward to that!

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  2. Blue 5 says:

    There is a great book on the Iranian pilots during the 1980s war with Iraq:

    Sometimes these little-know conflicts are more interesting and instructive than the big ones (though that war was even more tragic than most).


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