DCS round-up: F1 and Mi24 videos, new AH-64 update, and Magnitude 3 podcast

The news has been fast and furious over the last couple of days as we all prepare for the release of the DCS: Mirage F1. Meanwhile there’s lots of activity going on both from developers and from the community. Air Combat Sim Podcast did an interview with the folks at Magnitude 3, RedKite, Spudknocker and Growling Sidewinder have all done Mirage F1 videos in advance of the release of that module, Wolfpack345 has a great little video about the door gunners being added to the Mi-24P and on it goes! Matt Wagner even tells us about some George AI updates. Let’s go!

More F1 videos!

First up, Growling Sidewinder does an early access video of the F1 showing off a Mi-21 intercept. Tutorials help you perform this sort of thing but its also really valuable to see an actual interception happen and Growling Sidewinder delivers!

RedKite, the go-to for Aerges pre-early access tutorials and content, has yet another excellent tutorial out covering the radar and air-to-air weapons. The video is under 10-minutes and it will get you firing air-to-air missiles in no time!

Spudnocker takes us on a journey through the history, operation and use of the Mirage F1. We get to see a variety of weapons and a brief look at the extensive list of liveries. Get your pop corn out and learn about this impressive jet.

That’s followed up by a cold start tutorial that takes you in-depth. If you want to know everything, this is the video.

Door gunners for Mi-24

The DCS: Mi-24P is about to get a small boost in firepower with the addition of its door gunners. Armed with a PKB machine gun, these door gunners can be useful for firing back at troops and other smaller targets while the helicopter’s primary weapons are aimed at bigger targets.

Wolfpack345 has a great video about them right here. Expect those in the open beta due out today.

More on F-15E pods

I’ve already reported earlier in the week on the trio of targeting pods that RAZBAM intends to bring to the DCS: F-15E over the development cycle for that airplane. Tim Taylor, one of the artists involved, has shown off what each of the pods look like. Have a look!

Magnitude 3 podcast

We get a look behind the scenes as Tricker and Sport interview Rudel and Hiromachi from Magnitude 3. The podcast goes in-depth on their development effort behind the DCS: F4U Corsair as well as their work on the Essex-class carrier – both in development for DCS right now.

George AI will be able to tell friend from foe

One of the issues with DCS: AH-64D’s George AI right now is that he can’t tell friend from foe. That’s about to change!

In the next Open Beta, we will be adding the new CP/G target identification system. I plan to create a video on this next week, but in the meantime, please find an updated George document that describes the new system beginning on page 17.

Matt Wagner

The link to the mentioned PDF document is here.

Looking forward to seeing enhanced capabilities from George as Eagle Dynamics develops the system.


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  1. _BringTheReign_ says:

    The MiG 21 section of the podcast episode was amazing – in addition to fixes to the cockpit, Mag3 is also exploring the possibility of new weaponry for the MiG 21, chiefly the new R.550! That would be awesome if they could make it work. Would also love to see some flight model refinements as the 21 is starting to show its age a little bit compared to newer full fid modules.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah that’s fascinating! It sounds like they are really going to boost the MiG-21 up which is great to hear. It’s becoming a more and more popular and important module in the lineup.


  2. CanadaOne says:

    Bummer, no update until 3:30am on Steam. Almost 30GB, should be good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah it’s a big update. Took a while to come down.


  3. Top Gun Maverick Incoming! Disney down, Disney down! says:

    Mirage F1 flying high into the Steam Top 20! Keep’em coming Eagle Dynamics!
    Watch out redfor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s awesome! Way to go Aerges!


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