IRIS Simulations shows off PC-24

Business jet fans are about to get a little boost as third party aircraft maker IRIS Simulation has shown off some new screenshots of their still work in progress PC-24 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

New screenshots

Released today via their Facebook page, IRIS Simulations is busy working on a couple of products right now with the PC-24 being a standout. Few business jets have been released for MSFS so far so this PC-24 already appears to be a standout.

The screenshots are of the exterior model only and IRIS Simulations is keen to point out that additional detailing is intended to be added later. This is apparently the Xbox oriented 3D Model and high end PC’s will take advantage of even more details.

In the comments section they were also asked about the avionics. At this point they do not know what level of detail they will be able to put into the Honeywell avionics package that’s part of the real airplane. They also responded to a question about a medical variant which is, according to IRIS, planned to be included in the package.

Check out more on the IRIS Simulations Facebook page.

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