Carenado ready to release PC-12 for MSFS

The Pilatus PC-12, a turboprop powered passenger and cargo aircraft, is getting its first representation in Microsoft Flight Simulator thanks to the efforts of aircraft maker Carenado. We have new details on the release date and some characteristically gorgeous screenshots.

Coming in September

The wait for this aircraft has been a bit longer than usual with most Carenado aircraft but its nearly over. Carenado have posted a new update on their Facebook page indicating that they are ready to launch the PC-12 onto the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. Microsoft have told them that this will happen in the “first days” in September. So, while we don’t have an exact date, it is clearly very close!

Carenado also offered thanks to their fans and supporters who have waited while they have brought this project to fruition.

Check out the full announcement here and take in the beautiful screenshots below.

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  1. Delmar Miller says:

    I’m excited to hear about the PC 12 and also the pc24. I can not wait to fly both of these aircraft in msfs. Thanks for this exciting news


  2. Redglyph says:

    It’s a beautiful aircraft!

    Does anyone know how good the X-Plane version is, with the REP expansion from SimCoders? I’m looking for a good persistent and study-level GA turboprop but I know that sometimes the older Carenado modules tend to be neglected. And usually they don’t include the Pilot Operating Handbook, which is a little frustrating.

    Talking about persistence, I recently watched a review of the Milviz Cessna 310R for MSFS (by Fly From Home) and it’s apparently very good, bar a timid yaw issue on take-off and climb which will hopefully be addressed by Milviz. Not only it has persistence, but it can slightly randomize the state of the plane as if it was rented, or even get accumulated dirt on the fuselage and be cleaned-up. I’m a sucker for those features 😀

    Anyway, getting a little out of topic here, sorry.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s been suggested to me to avoid some of the older Carenado XP11. But I haven’t looked into the PC-12 specifically.

      Carenado’s new MSFS model should be good if they follow their current pattern. And SWS is likely to do quite a good job too.

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