Just Flight makes progress on F28 Fellowship

The classic 1960’s era Fokker F28 Fellowship short range airliner is being recreated by the folks at Just Flight and their latest update, coming to us several days ago now, shows off all of the detail work being put into the cockpit.

Hundreds of lights

Firmly rooted in the era before glass cockpits, Just Flight’s art team have been busy building the F28 Cockpit and giving the whole thing as much authenticity is possible. Based on the real thing, which the team had the opportunity to look at in person, the latest update shows off all of the small details that are being baked into this product. That includes what the Just Flight team wrote in their blog as “hundreds of large and brightly-coloured annunciator and warning lights” which they say adds to the unique flavour of this airliner.

There’s no ETA for this aircraft but it looks like its coming along nicely. Read the Just Flight developer blog for the F28 Fellowship here.

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