News round-up: DCS campaigns, map updates, H125 for XP11, Orbx sale, more!

There’s another wave of flight sim news flying around out there that I have collected from the stratosphere and brought it down to earth in this latest round-up of news. There’s DCS, MSFS, X-Plane, sales, and campaign talk. Let’s go!

Kola campaigns for DCS

The announcement of the DCS: Kola map was a bit of a surprise to many of us, but not to two of DCS World’s top campaign makers. Baltic Dragon and Reflected have put together a joint video discussing their efforts to create a joint campaign creation process that is now underway for the new map.

Baltic Dragon will be creating a Hornet campaign featuring the Finnish Air Force while Reflected will be tackling a Viper campaign for the USAF. Featuring a tense geopolitical scenario gone hot, both campaigns will be interwoven together so that no matter if you’re a Viper or Hornet driver you can experience the same overall scenario while performing individual missions. Sounds like some fun world building and a way to check out the new map.

Check out their video as the two discuss their plans.

Baltic Dragon and the Heatblur crew

While I’m talking about Baltic Dragon, there’s also a new Air Combat Sim podcast out with Episode #33 bringing in the folks from Heatblur to talk about their future projects. The F-4, the Eurofighter, and the A-6 all get plenty of discussion. There’s even some talk about some future projects although they remain characteristically tight lipped.

Have a listen!

CowanSim releases H125 for X-Plane

The Airbus H125 is the subject of CowanSim’s latest helicopter creation efforts. This detailed simulation includes the usual slew of high end simulator fidelity ranging from detailed flight model tested by real world H125 pilots to 4K PBR texture work and detailed animations. CowanSim also includes a working flotation system, AviTab integration, RXP GTN 650 and 750 integration and full VR support.

It’s available for $32.95 on both the CowanSim online store and from the Store. A free upgrade to X-Plane 12 is planned and included in the price.

Orbx store sale

Looking for some more scenery for your favourite sim? Orbx has you covered with their “Hot August Freezing Sale” with 40% off a wide range of products. I’ve already added a couple more MSFS airports to my collection (for some future Flight Journal flights).

Laminar show off new XP12 carrier

The folks at Laminar Research tweeted earlier in the week with a new image of their X-Plane 12 aircraft carrier. It’s intended for operations with the new F-14 Tomcat that’s included with the package.

New DCS: South Atlantic and F-15E images

The folks at RAZBAM usually keep up a near constant stream of updates and the latest are focused on two of the projects that they are deeply involved with at the moment. The first is DCS: South Atlantic showing off some upgraded areas.

The other update this week shows off the latest work on the F-15E external model. Additional texture details and 3D model details really seem to be shining here.

The other image shows off the F-15E doing some aerial refuelling operations. Notably, the refuelling probe appears to be of a higher quality than that of current tankers in DCS World. Is RAZBAM bringing us a higher quality probe either through their existing KC-135 MPRS model (which at present only uses the hose and drogue system) or something else?

Cold War with Drewski and AWACS killing silliness with ralfidude

A couple of very fun videos have come out from DCS World video makers OperatorDrewski and ralfidude on YouTube. The first, with Drewski, is focused on Enigma’s Cold War server and all of the attention that it’s getting these days. The second is a hilarious if you don’t at first succeed, try, try, try, try… try again series of moments.

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