Thranda reveals Cessna 206 Stationair for X-Plane

The well known X-Plane aircraft makers at Thranda have, after some teasing, revealed that their next project is a Cessna 206 Stationair. Here’s what we know about the new project and their plans for it.

Stationair with options

Revealed late on Thursday, Thranda have revealed their efforts to bring a detailed Cessna 206 Stationary for X-Plane.

The Cessna Stationair is described by Cessna as “sport utility vehicle in the air” with robust construction, good performance, and off field performance. In the real world, these are used for a variety of different roles including sky diving and aerial photography.

The aircraft is part of their Dynamic Generation Series which Thranda say make full use of the X-Plane system to do things like customize a livery while parked on the ramp, move around and rearrange your instrument panel, detailed soundscapes, and more.

There appear to be the usual assortment of options that Thranda tend to bake into their aircraft. The options panel gives you the option to add and remove covers, tie downs, open doors, make use of the controllable electric tug, and even toggle on and off an optional cargo pod. The pod adds 45lbs to the weight and of course adds some drag.

Thranda’s development shots are all taken in X-Plane 11 and they haven’t said much about their move to X-Plane 12, however, the store entry for their recently released Cessna 208 says that X-Plane 12 support will come when available. I think we can assume the same with the Stationaire.

Check out the announcement here and the U206G forum area here.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Thranda does great work (they used to do the XP conversions for Carenado, and still do the same for Just Flight (e.g., BAe 146)).

    I have a good selection of their addons (incl the 146 and the recent Caravan), and all are high quality.

    I don’t normally care about the drama with many devs, but I’ve had some interactions with NoJoe, the guy who does their tutorial videos, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy who’s also quite helpful.


    1. Kilosim says:

      Yeah, NoJoe and Danklaue are all over the forums constantly, which is amazing for people who are struggling with their very easy-to-use products. Due to this, I have been a loyal customer.

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