PMDG releases 737-800 for MSFS

The hotly anticipated Boeing 737-800 for Microsoft has arrived from well known airline maker PMDG. The 737-800 remains among the most popular airliners currently in service and the -800 is the one that many in the airliner community have been waiting for. Now, it’s here.

The dash eight hundred arrives

Boeing has delivered just over 5,000 of the 737-800 variant of the 737 series. The -800 is a stretched -700 in the NG series and is the the most widely used airliner in the world. That attracts a considerable amount of attention from airliner enthusiasts and its the version of the 737 that many have been waiting for from PMDG with the -700 and then -600 releasing first.

The PMDG -800 comes with the same overall featureset as the other two. There are interchangable equipment options, a choice of blended or split scimitar winglets, and passenger and freight versions as well as the Boeing Business Jet variant.

The -800, like other versions in the PMDG stable, are awaiting the release of their PMDG-EFB (cockpit tablet), weather radar, more detailed cabin models and land gear interiors. All of which remain in development.

The PMDG 737-800 is available via their online store for $69.99 USD with a regular listed price of $74.99 USD.

See the -800 in action

Several preview videos have also emerged in the last couple of days including these two below that should give you a good first look at this latest 737 release.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    I’m perfectly content with the -700 BBJ, but glad to see this release for all the folks who’ve been waiting.

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  2. I haven’t been playing MSFS for a many months now, so maybe I missed some new features, but how did they get all that direct interaction with push back and ground control and such? I mean it wasn’t just canned, it was live or at least some voice recognition and such.


  3. Ken-Dagfinn Rian says:

    I might be in a minority here, but I never understood the point of full passenger cabin, detailed wheel wells, pax seat fabric matching the livery, flushing toilets etc in a flight sim aircraft. I think most of us fly a cockpit around, not a passenger cabin. How many people use MSFS to simulate the delightful experience of economy class??

    How much cheaper, and quicker to market, would a high quality module like this be if it was a kick ass exterior, insane systems detailing, a fantastic cockpit….and that’s it. No interior pax seat cushions to drag down FPS as well as increase production time and cost. How many more planes could someone like PMDG put out if they didn’t spend time and money on in flight magazines for passengers that don’t actually exist? Maybe it would cost $49 instead of $79? Who knows.

    Climbing down off my soapbox…


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