Carenado releases the PC-12 for MSFS!

This one took a little longer than the usual Carenado release for Microsoft Flight Simulator (all of their collaborations with Asobo may have had something to do with it) but the day is finally here where Carenado’s PC-12 has arrived. It’s gotten the full MSFS treatment so here’s what we know about the newest marketplace release.

Fast and versatile turboprop

Switzerland’s Pilatus aircraft manufactured the PC-12 to be a long range transport aircraft with a large comfortable cabin. The project was as sales success with 1,700 constructed since the type first flew in 1991. The PC-12 has found its way into a wide variety of markets with military, healthcare, transport, and VIP passenger duties all being performed by the aircraft. It’s yet another interesting airplane to model in any sim and Carenado is one of a couple of developers to take it on.

The aircraft comes with an earlier generation cockpit combining a mix of traditional gauges and glass cockpit avionics.

Microsoft has given it the full marketing treatment with an article on the X-Box news website. It also gets its own trailer.

The Carenado PC-12 is available exclusively through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace and its running at a surprisingly low price of just $24.99 USD.


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  1. Delmar Miller says:

    This aircraft is really fun to fly! It’s a must have for sure. I highly recommend this bird she’s everything I expected and more

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I wasn’t going to get it…but the price has me very tempted while I wait for SWS to bring theirs to market. Lots of great options!


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