Aerobask shows off Falcon 8X in X-Plane 12

The folks at Aerobask are on a roll today with their ViperJet announcement and now we have some new screenshots of the Falcon 8X. Let’s have a look!

New images

Aerobask announced quite a long time ago now that their Falcon 8X project, which began under X-Plane 11, wouldn’t be ready until after X-Plane 12 shipped and thus switched that project from one supporting 11 to one supporting 12.

Most of their development updates have since then been very short and mostly indicating that the team were busy programming avionics and systems. Laminar were also enforcing an embargo on the in development sim. That appears to have lifted and we now have some new images of the Falcon 8X.

Lionel, an Aerobask team member, shared these screenshots on the Aircraft Development Notices section of the forum.

Hopefully we will soon learn the full status of the project and find out when it may be arriving on our own systems.


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