Is your IL-2 “CTDing” on startup? (Updated)

On Friday of last week, I noticed a few people reporting that IL-2 Great Battles was crashing on start-up. I even tried to troubleshoot the problem with a few people without success. Since then the number of posts that I’ve seen has shot up dramatically with the only common denominator being that they access IL-2 via Steam. Here’s what we know about the problem with a possible workaround that may help some.

Crash on start

Updated: It appears that the issue has been fixed. See this note from 1CGS about the issue.

IL-2 Great Battles, among flight simulators, has a pretty solid reputation for being a stable piece of software. Most sims have the occasional issue and IL-2 is not immune and given the complexity of the software involved its never really a surprise to me.

Most problems can be solved with a driver update, a tweak to a setting somewhere, or identifying a piece of faulty hardware. On occasion, however, they seem to happen at a far larger scale and I think we’re seeing that today with several threads on the IL-2 forum, over on the Reddit group, and scattered across various Discord communities.

So far, this specific problem seems to be for Steam users only. The crash happens during start-up and many have speculated that it must be something happening at the point where Steam and the IL-2 software talk to each other.

There is a workaround but it comes with a big caveat. Steam store owners can still go to the IL-2 directory and start the il2.exe file from there. That seems to bypass the issue and you can get into the sim from there. The problem? Only content that you’ve paid for on the official website will appear there and none of your Steam DLC content will. For some this means that most content will remain available while others may not be able to play.

Stay tuned for more

At this point, we haven’t heard from the devs, however, with a problem that’s growing in size like this one it’s likely that they are aware of the problem and working on a fix. As soon as we hear anything I’ll be sure to update this article.

In the meantime, I wanted to spread the word so people don’t get too frustrated trying to troubleshoot what appears to be a widescale problem that is out of their control.


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  1. Bashibazouk says:

    Fantastic! Here I was assuming it was my computer and I was just not bothering with IL2 (was gonna wait until the next update) but when I tried the Steam bypass route it worked like a dream. Thx.

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  2. Mike says:

    Its not only il2 also yeaterday and few days before naval action had problem when Śrem autentication server craped out. Generally its a issue which steam must resolve ad il2 devs cant do anything about it


  3. Mike says:



  4. Bashibazouk says:

    Turns out I lost Moscow, Stalingrad Kuban and Bodenplatte maps. Luckily I’m working on a few careers on the Normandy map (bomber and fighter for each national group, basically). It looks like I might have bought the earlier maps on Steam before starting to buy stuff on the IL2 site, so I have Tank Crew and Normandy but nothing earlier. Not ideal but as I’m SP only, not the end of the world. I’m just reporting this for anyone else who reads this article, I’m chuffed that I can play at all until this problem is solved.


  5. boowman says:

    Nicely done.
    But it should have been 1C that acknowledged the issue 😟


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m hoping they do soon!


  6. Mike (Hoss) Williams says:

    Not getting CTD but I’m getting huge pauses with that hammering noise. It happens in both beta and Public versions. and this has started with BoN and the Public version has followed suite. I have erased and reinstalled both versions and it still happens. GUI is flakey too… constantly have to CTL/ALT/DEL to get Task Manager then hit cancel get back to game and most of the time it fixes it. DCS is free of these bugs, and runs great on my setup. I’m running TARGET GUI, Joy2key, TIR, and sometimes SRS but not with Beta…


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That sounds odd. You should report those issues. They aren’t what I normally hear about with IL-2 bugs.

      DCS has had its share of extremely high profile performance issues. I’m glad it’s working fine right now.


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