1CGS wants your help to update their Battle of Stalingrad info

Battle of Stalingrad was released back in 2014 in what feels like many ages ago. Since then the whole Great Battles Series has seen a series of transformations to the core fundamentals improving the overall look of the series. Now, 1CGS is asking for the community to submit their best screenshots.


A post by Sneaksie from the 1CGS development team on the forums earlier today made the request for some updated materials.

The «Battle of Normandy» has been released recently in our webstore. In preparation to its release on Steam we want to update the main page of the game there, «Battle of Stalingrad». The project changed much visually and we want all the people visiting its Steam store page to see IL-2 Great Battles in all its glory – with new sky, clouds and many other improvements that were added to the sim during all these years.

They want you to go back to Battle of Stalingrad and capture your best screenshots. A series of requirements including using the most recent version of the sim with high quality graphics with a 1920×1080 resolution as a minimum are among them.

On September 27, the team will chose the best ones which will then appear on the official website and on the Steam store. Gifts are planned for authors of the best screenshots too although we don’t yet know what those are.

Check out the thread here to learn more about how to submit and what the requirements are.


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