Check-in on recent Blue Bird 757 development

Although we haven’t had an official Just Flight blog update on the Blue Bird Simulations 757-200/300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator since July, we have seen some updates from the developers Facebook page and here are some details and images released over the last little while.

757 in progress

Several pieces of information have come out from Blue Bird Simulations as well as about a half dozen or more screenshots showing the work in progress airliner being published by Just Flight. One of the reveals is that the developer is aiming for a late summer or fall 2023 release date. That seems like a long time away and it is but it’s also unsurprising given the aim of creating a high fidelity airliner. These are long lasting projects both before and after release.

Other updates are more detail in nature with screenshots showing off the nose gear textures and detailing and word from the developers that things like wing flex and engine flex are now in.

Blue Bird confirms that they are working on the 200 and 300 variants. Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce engine options are also confirmed along with winglet and non-winglet wing configurations.

Xbox fans will be happy to know that the aircraft is planned for Xbox as well. There is uncertainty on if it will be at initial PC release or sometime after.

A cargo version is also planned, however, it is intended to be released as a separate project. According to the developer, adjustments and additions will be made teasing some sort of extra detail packed into the cargo version.

I wrote earlier that this intended to be a high fidelity recreation and it seems that Blue Bird simulations has also answered questions detailing what they consider the project to be suggesting it would be somewhere between Aerosoft and PMDG in detail of simulation. When asked what the difference would be, the answer was mostly surrounding failure and systems modeling.

An EFB has been talked about as well but no details are forthcoming at this point.


Blue Bird Simulations have touted their visual detail efforts and those appear to extend from cockpit all the way to landing gear. There’s certainly a lot of good looking details packed in even on that nosegear.


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