Aerobask’s DA50 RG and DA62 are next to get an update

The folks at Aerobask have brought two of their aircraft stable into the X-Plane 12 family with the excellent Diamond DA50 RG and DA62 making the leap to the new sim.

Making the leap

Following the X-Plane 12 release of the DA50 RG a few weeks ago, Aerobask have now brought their DA62 to X-Plane 12 as well. Both DA50 RG and DA62 retains the features of the X-Plane 12 release but with support for some of the new features like windshield rain effects and some updates to the flight model to make sure that it works as expected with X-Plane 12.

Aside from these few changes, both types retain what they were great at before and doesn’t really seem to have any other additional changes. I did a review of the DA62 and a review of the DA50 RG not too long ago and they were both excellent.

The updated aircraft are free for current owners and the new versions can be downloaded at the Store. New owners gain access to both X-Plane 11 and 12 versions as well!


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Glad to see these two come over!

    I’ve been greatly enjoying their brand new Viper Jet in v12, where it’s taken the place of my beloved JF Hawk T1(!).

    Meanwhile, I await their Phenom & Lancair which were already great in v11.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Both the DA62 and DA50 quickly became my most flown types in X-Plane so I’m so happy to see both in the sim now. The Phenom is my next wish although I do enjoy Lancair Legacy too! All good options!

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    2. Chris says:

      Can I ask? Is the new viper activation free like the old model or does it require an activation?


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