iniSimulations announce X-Plane 12 update plans

If you’re a fan of iniSimulations A300 series for X-Plane 11, you will probably be very happy to hear that iniSimulations have announced their plans to offer updates to their aircraft to bring them to X-Plane 12 standards. Here’s what we know!


In a post on the iniBuilds forum, Ubaid Mussa, the CEO of iniBuilds, announced that they would be making updates to their A300 product line to bring it up to X-Plane 12 standards.

As shared earlier on social media, we are happy to confirm that the A300V2 compatibility will be coming to XP12 for free. What does this mean? If you own the XP11 version, you get the XP12 compatible version for free.


This is great news following several months of nervousness by X-Plane fans on if the developer would be offering updates to their products. iniSimulations has recently been focused on their work for Microsoft Flight Simulator with their A310 product being bundled with the 40th Anniversary update.

That lead to a lot of speculation that iniSimulations were dropping out of the X-Plane marketplace and that they may not be offering updates to bring their current products to the newest version of the sim. Fortunately, it appears that they are going to bring their aircraft forward. At least the A300 series for now.

There will be a lead time too as Ubaid goes on to mention what their expected timeline is:

To manage expectations there is no ETA for this (we are targeting some point in 2023), and will ensure items such as the new FM are addressed accordingly. At this time, it is only the intention to update the A300V2.


At the moment, iniSimulations sells four aircraft for X-Plane 11 with the A310-300, A300 BelugaST, and A300-600R(F) in the airliner ‘on the line’ high fidelity series and the NKDesign Colomban Cri-Cri as their only general aviation entry listed.

Ubaid also says in the announcement that they are still assessing their future with X-Plane 12 and so I take this statement to mean that they are not sure if they will develop future new products. Still, it is a good sign that at least the A300 series will be getting an update.

iniSimulations is currently offering these aircraft, in their X-Plane 11 versions, with a 50% discount price right now on their store.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Their handling of this transition has been unacceptable.

    I applaud their decision to offer their excellent airliner in MSFS, and I understand that decision meant (perhaps) unavoidable delays in XP v12 updates.

    However, they have treated the very people who put them into position for their lucrative MSFS deal quite poorly.

    And STILL they’re playing coy with 2/3rd’s of their (very expensive) product line (and all the other customers who bought into those)!

    In stark contrast, nearly all other XP devs were quick to commit to XP v12, and many/most have ALREADY released compatibility updates, many of which ALSO include genuine updates to take advantage of new features, AND many of which are also FREE.

    All they had to do to handle this right was to simply commit to XP v12 (with no timeline, esp since v12 is still in long term Beta!).

    Whatevs – their business, their choice. I feel sad/angry for their customers and am now glad/relieved I never became one – and never will.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I do wish that they had been more upfront with their plans. That lead to a lot of negativity around their products after they garnered quite a bit of positive press for some very exciting one day sales.

      It could have been handled better. I am pleased, however, to see at least some positive comments coming now about their plans for X-Plane 12. A bit more detail would be great but I’m hoping that whole of the On the Line product line-up gets the update treatment.

      Liked by 1 person

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