1CGS doing a live stream on November 9

Some interesting news from the world of 1C Game Studios and IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles Series. Two members of the 1CGS team, Albert Zhiltsov and Daniil Tuseev, will be doing a live stream scheduled for November 9th with one in Russian and another in English. We don’t know a lot more right now but here’s what I can tell you.

Live stream coming up

Scheduled for November 9th at 10:00 am CST, the live stream has just been announced on the official IL-2 forums by Wardog5711 – a new community manager for the series. In the post, we learned that two members of the 1CGS team that you may know by their forum names Loft and Han, are going to be doing the live stream.

Albert Zhiltsov aka ‘Loft’ and Daniil Tuseev aka ‘Han’ have both been part of the 1CGS team for a while now with Loft being the original executive producer on the series and Han being a long standing Technical Executive for the series (pending any other title changes).

We don’t know a lot more about the live stream although speculation around the community has been frequent as to the future of the IL-2 series. Doubly so with the departure of Jason Williams and Andrey Solomykin. Hopefully we’ll get some answers and maybe even learn about what the plan is for the series into the future.

Check out the announcement here and some of the discussion going on in this thread here for more details as they develop.


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  1. Bumfluff says:

    This is not good.
    Say hello to an obscure Russian theatre where Russian aircraft known to be historically terrible are reimagined to become super props.
    Not sure who they will sell this to with half of Russian men currently otherwise engaged.
    Hope one day someone tells the true story of what went on here.
    Vale il2.

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  2. Novice-Flyer says:

    Does this mean that Loft aka Albert is coming back and will once again be the Lead Producer for the series?

    Sicily or Finland is my bet on where the next installment will be.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Not confirmed but this does imply that maybe he is.

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  3. Blue 5 says:

    Was Loft not the ‘earn aircraft options’ guy that was roundly mocked for his approach and then demoted? At which point the project started to succeed.

    Well, that’s my confidence glass full to the brim…

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Loft was in charge during the first couple of years. And yeah the unlock system was very unpopular and generally ill conceived.

      As I always say, we’ll see what happens particularly in light of this live stream.


      1. Novice-Flyer says:

        From what I’ve heard by people who had the game prior to LOFT’s departure (I got it in Christmas 2016), he had a different vision for what the series than that of Jason. I’ve read he wanted to do ‘endless Eastern front installments’ and not much stuff which would appease Western markets like D-Day, Bodenplatte and Pacific. I have a theory unless proven otherwise that he wanted to do an MTO installment after BoM or BoK which is why the MC.202 was added.

        Anyway, I just hope that LOFT can learn from his unpopular ideas during the time he was the lead producer and make the series succeed from where Jason left off.



    2. Robert Haynes says:

      Well, people can grow and mature. Hopefully Loft is one of them.


  4. busdriver says:

    Rumour has it that having an American executive producer for a project based in Moscow was not a tenable position for the Devs. Whether the Moscow guys are good little comrades or guys stuck between a rock and a hard place is open to discussion. Historically Russian business practices are as cutthroat as their politics.

    I expect the next evolution of IL-2 will have indestructible Soviet airframes and as a result of “recent painstaking research” (the Devs can read the room in Moscow so to speak) subtle code changes that reflect the true historical inferiority of RAF and USAAF airplanes.

    I’m skeptical (without any inside knowledge of their sales) that their domestic market will sustain this franchise. They won’t get another dollar from me.

    I smile now that I was removed from the Beta Testers group two months ago without notice or thanks. I reckon 216th_Cat was probably let go the same week.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      After all of the work that you put in there, it’s definitely disappointing.


    2. Blue 5 says:

      Thus does the sim world reflect reality: Russia pisses everyone off, loses all its friends and goes back to its historical state of logic-bending self-justification.

      Yeah, I’m not touching this sim with a bargepole now.

      @busdriver: but we enjoyed the Tempest, right? I like to think that I contributed something during the good years.


      1. busdriver says:

        Aye laddie, I do like the Tempest, my favorite single-engine fighter. I’m just glad we got de Havilland’s gift to combat aviation, the Mosquito.

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  5. 216th_Cat says:

    Hi Busdriver. They haven’t rumbled me yet, I still have access. Not that I’ve been there lately. Lusekofte and myself are occasionally keeping Mr Smith on his toes in the main forum though. Cheers.

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    1. busdriver says:

      Keep them guessing mate!

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      1. 216th_Cat aka Chief Mouser says:

        Just a thought, did you miss the testers re-registering? Everyone that wanted to stay on had to let them know. I almost didn’t bother but did so in the end for the Normandy map. Mind you, I caught them out when it was stated that they couldn’t add certain rivers because they were too small; there’s a 4-metre wide stream shown west of Salisbury so their argument didn’t hold water (haha). Since that, I’ve not helped a great deal, i.e. not at all.


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