New Flying Circus multiplayer events worth checking out!

The Flying Circus community isn’t a big one but it is a dedicated one and two separate efforts that have come up in the community in recent days are worth your attention if you want to get involved in some multiplayer action on different days and nights.

Regularly scheduled

If you’ve been a follower of Flying Circus multiplayer for a while, you’ll probably already be familiar with the Thursday Night Fly-in that the community has been hosting for a few years now. This has been a great way for the community to rally together during a scheduled time ensuring that there are plenty of people on to fly with and against.

I’ve flown many of these Thursday night events and a few of the similarly structured Sunday afternoon missions.

Now, we have two more options coming up for fans of Flying Circus!

Tuesday Night Fights

The folks at JG1 are organizing a new regularly scheduled evening called Tuesday Night Fights. Here’s what they shared with me about the regularly scheduled multiplayer event:

JG1 is excited to present “Tuesday Night Fights” on our ACME (Air Combat Mission Events) server for Il-2 Flying Circus!

On Tuesday nights, starting at 8pm CST (0200 UTC), JG1 will be hosting open missions created by JG1_Butzzell. The missions will feature a smaller map area to facilitate quicker action but will also emphasize teamwork and objective play to achieve victory.

The server will be full-real, with iconsoff, and feature repair/rearm capabilities at airfields.

The goal is to add another time in the week where North American pilots (and some crazy Europeans/Aussies/Kiwis) can have populated servers without taking away from other established FC events. We also hope to provide something different from the other excellent offerings the community has produced. Ultimately, we hope this new event helps strengthen the community and support the hobby we all enjoy.

When flying, JG1 will use the ACME Discord server for comms, so feel free to stop by and say hi! We also have multiple voice channels, so pilots from both sides can have plenty of spots to congregate.

ACME Discord:

ACME stats:

Sounds like fun and I hope to be able to check it out soon!

Sunday Vintage Missions

If that wasn’t enough, a few members of the Flying Circus community have gotten together to resurrect something called ‘Sunday Vintage Missions.’ These were popular during the Rise of Flight days and now they are returning.

These historically oriented scenarios will be hosted on the Flugpark server every Sunday. Here’s what was shared with me about that:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, with the blessing of SYN_Vander, J5_Baeumer, and the Flugpark Server Team, Sunday Vintage Missions will be making a comeback! These event-like missions were designed to tell the story of a major day/event in the war, and they were a true staple of the Rise of Flight multiplayer scene.

This mission making effort has been led by =IRFC=Echo. The first of these, “Battle of Arras,” will be run this Sunday at 1700 GMT. It will tell the story of April 9th, 1917- the first day of the Entente Spring Offensive. This occurred during a period of German aerial superiority known as “Bloody April.” Albatros scouts will be pitted against British squadrons of SPADs and Sopwith Triplanes. Their actions, along with those of Bristol F2As, BE2s, and DFW 2-seaters, will help decide the fate of the air war over Arras.

The mission will be featured on the Nov. 11th Combat Box Friday Night Flights at 00:00 GMT. It will be rerun for Saturday Encore Flights (Nov. 12th) at 1900 GMT.

There’s also a trailer for the upcoming event that you might want to check out!

Get involved!

Although the learning curve can be steep and the prospect of flying against veteran pilots may be intimidating, I have nonetheless found the Flying Circus community to be a tightly nit one that exude passion for this era of flight.

With luck, these dual events will help draw in new pilots and ensure that there are a good mix of pilots flying on the server. I’ve learned a lot by flying alongside some more veteran pilots and I encourage everyone to get involved!


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  1. Feldgrün says:

    This is a great idea! I’d love to see FC get more attention, but it may always be the little brother to WWII (which is the little brother to modern jet combat).

    Liked by 2 people

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