SimWorks Studios update on RV-10 and Dash-7 projects

A couple of developer updates coming from the folks at SimWorks Studios focus in one two of their upcoming products. We have new images and some new information on the status of the RV-10 and a new look at the Dash-7’s cockpit.

Project updates

Following success with the Kodiak 100 and RV-14, Sim Works Studios are busy building a trio of projects for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The PC-12 is intentionally absent from the updates this week due to some development issues but progress has been made on the RV-10 and Dash-7.

First, we have good news on the RV-10 which is now model complete. Textures are still being applied to the exterior and interior and sounds are also still being worked on. There’s also plenty of work being done on the type’s avionics.

We got in touch with Aerosport Products, who helped us recreate their custom panel for the RV-10, which will come in two flavors: standard and carbon fiber. The cockpit is furnished with three G3X displays, a G5 standby instrument and the GMC305 autopilot that you know and love from the RV-14. We are still working on the cockpit configuration, so what you see here may not be final.

SimWorks Studios on Facebook

Sounds like a good mix of options!

Meanwhile, SWS are reporting in their latest update that the Dash-7 has been sent into testing and that, unless major problems are found, the project will be ready for release and may infact be ready within the next week. The Dash-7 should be an interesting product as its a four engine turboprop with STOL capabilities.

Cockpit images were included showing off what is a largely complete cockpit.

Keep an eye here or on the Sim Works Studios Facebook for more!


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