IL-2 live stream officially scheduled for 11:30 CST

We have a brief update and have learned that the English live stream that 1C Game Studios is now scheduled for 11:30 am CST.

Episode 1?

We know from the previous announcement that there may be a slight shift in the schedule for the upcoming 1CGS live stream. Now we have an official time of 11:30 CST and a a live stream link available on YouTube.

The caption states the following:

Featuring Albert =Loft= Zhiltsov, 1C Game Studios director and Daniel =Han= Tuseev, IL-2 producer

Not too much else is known although we do see an IL-2 Model 1942 on the cover and it states that this is Episode 1 which presumably means that we may have future follow on updates via live stream.


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  1. 79vRAF says:

    Sorry, when is CST? Guessing it’s a US time zone. Any chance of a GMT +/- figure?


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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Central Standard Time. Should be GMT -6.

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  2. Blue 5 says:

    About 18:30 for EU, I thunk


  3. Blue 5 says:

    News just in: a leaked part of the livestream indicates the new module will be Khalkhin Gol!


    1. Dimitri says:

      Japanese Planes! Yes! Some hope for a future pacific module?


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        It’s not Khalkin Gol. We don’t know what it is. Live stream summary coming when I can!


  4. Blue 5 says:

    Just yanking people’s chains. It’s almost certainly Korea:
    – New direction / elements (they mentioned fuel systems and drop tanks were a key part of operations there)
    – Mostly props but also jets of the Me. 262 / Ar. 234 age
    – No major urban areas
    – Interesting new area of research (to which they eluded)
    – No CVs necessary

    – Though they did not outright dismiss it, they suggested Med was fine if someone stepped up and made the map, which does suggest that it is not a priority for them
    – Khalkin Gol, CBI, Spain etc is simply too left-field with risk of attracting very few sales
    – They are Russians, they are understandably interested in Russian aviation and Korea has some great Russian aircraft to which they have excellent reference access
    – The US and UK aircraft are interesting and also very well documented

    So while not necessarily everyone’s favourite, I will put my $10 on Korea and I would certainly buy it

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    1. Robert Haynes says:

      Korea… Interesting. Wouldn’t have been my first thought, but I would buy it.


      1. g Flinch says:

        Seems like a lot of side stepping and a lot more unknowns and ifs/maybe.


      2. Blue 5 says:

        Well I could clearly be totslly off, but I cannot think what elss it might be. Late EF remains possible, but also Jason suggested it would be something a bit new. That could mean Med, but the comment about someone doing that because they lacked spare resources, the comment on new research into the theatre itself and the opportunity to work on Russian kit all suggests something else.

        Obviously not the only place but CBI, Manchuria etc would just be too niche. Korea is the only theatre that seems to tick all the stated – or my inferred – boxes.


      3. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I’m really starting to think that the Korean War is it and that it really does check the boxes in a variety of ways. It also doesn’t immediately devalue Great Battles because it would cover a fundamentally different area.


  5. JG4_Moltke1871 says:

    Interesting to see that a new Game at all with new engine is possible. But for me it opens more questions than answers. Most important about that: If really a new engine starts, how is the impact for Flying Circus? The announced three parts are not finished…. Will a FC 3 still developed with old engine? Or will be there a compatibility? They talked about the fuel system and announced it for the new module. So they decided to cancel it for the old modules? That would be a great disappointment… The stream at all is a good idea but in this case it’s more confusing than enlightening.


    1. Blue 5 says:

      For FC3 it would likely be concurrent. They cannot make major changes without revenue so I would expect FC and collector’s aircraft to continue. The livestream was unhelpfully vague and the moderator made no effort to solicit answers so we remain in the dark.

      Minus Jason, their PR is pretty terrible.


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