Baltic Dragon provides a small update on ‘The Gamblers’ for DCS: F-16C

I’ve heard a common refrain in the community recently that the Hornet has all of these great campaigns but there’s nothing for the F-16. To which my reply is: Nothing yet. Campaign maker Baltic Dragon, well known for his highly lauded Raven One campaigns for the Hornet is busy producing ‘The Gamblers’ for DCS: F-16C and we have a small update that sounds very encouraging.


The campaign has been in development for some time and plans to make use of DCS: Syria map for the backdrop and the now well developed though still early access DCS: F-16C. It’s a 15-mission campaign that recreates real world missions.

Here’s what Baltic Dragon had to say recently about the project:

Work on the Gamblers campaign for the F-16 is progressing very well. You can expect plenty of action: CAS, XCAS, SCAR, escort, deliberate strikes, convoy overwatch, CSAR and a few surprises, all based on real life events. Pleasure to work with Rain from The Afterburn Podcast

“Rain” is referring to John ‘Rain” Waters, a former F-16C Demo pilot and a pilot with experience in the area that is being covered in the campaign. A great subject matter expert to draw on for the creation of the campaign.

As usual, we can expect Baltic Dragon to incorporate the usual levels of fidelity, realism and attention to detail that we’ve seen from many of his other past efforts. It should be a standout experience for DCS F-16 pilots and for the Syria map as well.

Keep an eye on Baltic Dragon’s Facebook for future announcements.


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    I think BusDriver was also a Viper pilot.


  2. beggyg says:

    Sounds great, I enjoy BD’s campaigns in the Hornet and have wished for a Falcon/Viper one for a while. Looking forward to it.

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