DCS Autumn Sale 2022 is underway

The sales keep coming and Eagle Dynamics has just unleashed their Autumn Sale with 50% off most DCS World products on both Steam and their webstore. Here are some highlights!

From today to December 4

With 50% off most DCS World products, Eagle Dynamics latest sale goes with the tried and tested sale pricing to get some extra attention for DCS World products.

Some of those highlights include DCS: A-10C II being offered for just $39.99 (its normally $79.99) and some well liked classics like RAZBAM’s AV-8B going for $34.99 or Heatblur’s superb AJS-37 Viggen being offered for just $29.99 USD.

Recently released DCS: Mirage F1 gets a small discount at $63.99 USD with the DCS: AH-64D being offered for the same.

The sale comes with its customary trailer to get you hyped. It’s a good one.

Topic of community discussion: A-4 Skyhawk

In the above trailer, you’ll note a brief moment where a pair of A-4 Skyhawks streak across the scenery. This is of course featuring the community mod A-4 project which is both a community favourite and perhaps a developer favourite too.

So says Eagle Dynamics community manager who replied to some questions on if this was a sneaky way to announce some sort of official status for the A-4.

It is a great community mod, nothing wrong with showing it off. Thanks.

Scott / bignewy

It sounds like things are business as usual.

If you do want it, its a free mod and available via Github here.

While were on the subject, do I want Eagle Dynamics to make it a bit more compatible with the rest of DCS? Yes. Yes I would love that!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. CanadaOne says:

    Another sale. But there’s nothing left that I really want. I would have got the MB-339 if it was on sale, but that was very unlikely to happen. Waiting for the BS3 and F-15E.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Super fun airplane. When it goes on sale definitely give it a look!


    2. Colin says:

      Same here, have all I really want and need until BS3 and F-15E.


  2. Splash says:

    I’ve got almost all the campaigns and aircraft, so I’m looking forward the launch of Black Shark 3, F-4 and F-15E.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Blue 5 says:

    A-4 mod is great. Put it in IDF colours and streak around over the Golan.

    I’m a bit moduled-out. Think will save my pennies for the USN aircraft on the way. And probably the Nile map.


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