X-Plane 12 early access live stream coming up

Scheduled for November 27 at 2:00 pm EST (that’s 7:00 PM GMT), the folks at Laminar Research are going to be giving as an update on X-Plane 12 and its early access status.

Road to release?

A new live stream with the Laminar Research time is scheduled in just two days time and it sounds like it should be an interesting update. Titled an ‘early access update,’ the description says that they will be providing us an update on what they have been working on and what is coming next.

Join Team X-Plane for an update on X-Plane 12’s Early Access period, what we’ve been working on and what’s coming next.

The live stream is up on YouTube so you can set your reminders.

If you have questions, you can submit it via a Google form here.

Road to release?

The word that we’ve been hearing is that X-Plane 12 is nearing release and that it is likely to emerge out of beta sometime in December. This live stream may confirm that or announce a slightly lengthier beta test period as the team works out some kinks (like those flashing clouds).

An official trailer is out now which appears to portent release for 12. Of course, what comes next would be just as interesting as the current state of the beta.


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