The Air Combat Sim Podcast talks F-15E with RAZBAM

Air Combat Sim Prodcast hosts Baltic Dragon and Tricker interviewed of RAZBAM about that companies efforts to bring the F-15E Strike Eagle into DCS World.

The F-15E!

There’s a lot of excitement brewing around RAZBAM’s DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle these days as we see more and more of this jet and its increasingly complete looking systems and visuals.

The first part of the podcast is focused on The Unbound System, a kickstarter project, but the real highlight is when Ron Zambrano, CEO of RAZBAM, comes onto the show around the 15-minute mark.

Ron reports that he thinks it is the most complex jet in DCS World yet calling it a “study level aircraft” and goes on to talk about systems like their detailed radar simulation. He also reports that they are not rushing things and that it will be an early access but that it will be “ready to enjoy” when it does become available.

One reveal that stood out was Ron talking about the WSO (the second seat) and news that RAZBAM are now planning to do an AI eventually – it won’t be at release. He explains that the original plan was to not include an AI because the way the jet works – both front and back seat can perform the same roles. Now the goal is to make it so that the WSO does the role that its supposed to and make the job easier on the pilot.

There’s also some talk about how RAZBAM understands that their older products need to be updated and ‘retrofitted’ to stay up with the latest updates on the DCS World platform.

It’s an interesting conversation and well worth listening in on. Thanks to Baltic Dragon and Tricker for putting this podcast together too!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Sounds like a serious learning curve for the F-15E, but if it’s going to be the ultimate bomb truck with a bunch of cool tech toys, I’m willing to toss back a Red Bull and put in a late night figuring it out.

    Hopefully it will be this year, but we’ll see.

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