iniBuilds MSFS A310 status update, P-40F launch announcement, more

The folks at iniBuilds and iniSimulations made a pretty big splash together with the team at Microsoft and Asobo by offering their A310 simulation on Microsoft Flight Simulator’s 40th Anniversary update for free. This gives the sim its own default high fidelity simulation of an airliner and it sounds like that’s not the end of the story as the A310 is getting some updates. The same team is about to launch a very impressive looking P-40F and they are talking about future airliners.

A310 updates

Currently available to Microsoft Flight Simulator beta testers, the latest version of the A310 by iniSimulations has some fixes that are being tested for broader public release. Those fixes include a lights rework for taxi and nav lights, in-sim ATC comms working correctly, a bunch of bug fixes and performance optimizations.

The update indicates that beta testers are noticing improved performance so this is great news for fans of this airliner and MSFS airliner flying in general.

P-40F Warhawk

Swapping out the Alison engine for a Rolls Royce Merlin, the P-40F is an interesting variant of the P-40 Warhawk and its the subject of a new aircraft release by iniSimulations for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This warbird comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator with a significant number of features.

The update includes making use of the CFD flight model now available to third party developers. There’s also an authentically modeled Merlin engine, modeled and functional fuel system, and fully functional EFB including maintenance page, moping map, radios and weather information. The EFB can also be toggled off. Seven 4K liveries, removable cowlings, real world sound set, and fully functional lighting including UV lights are all modeled.

Future release

In the same update, we’ve learned that iniBuilds intends to release their A300-600F aircraft sometime in 2023. This is a type that the team knows well with their prior X-Plane 11 release. It will, however, be getting a brand new model so it sounds like there will be some steps put into place to take full advantage of the visual capabilities of MSFS.

That’s not all as they tease that there are other aircraft also in their pipeline.

Read all about it here!


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Spitfire engine in a Warhawk? And CFD? Verrrrry interesting – seriously considering…

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