iniBuilds releases P-40F Warhawk for MSFS

Just a few days ago I was reporting on the latest from iniBuilds including relaying some of the details behind their Microsoft Flight Simulator warbird project: the P-40F Warhawk. The wait was short because the aircraft has now released!

Detailed warbird

Making use of the latest CFD flight model for Microsoft Flight Simulator and coming packed with features like an authentically modeled Merlin engine, EFB with maintenance page, moving map, radios, and weather information, and removable cowlings, gun bay covers and more, it looks like iniBuilds have packed this project full of features.

It’s now available for purchase from iniBuilds through their store for £14.99 GBP, €17.48 EUR, or $18.43 USD. Store charges are £14.99 and excluding VAT so prices may vary at the point of currency conversion. Still sounds like a reasonable price for what looks to be a full featured warbird experience for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Get more information on the iniBuilds website and webstore.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    US $19? WOW – what an unbelievable price for what appears to be a very High Fidelity addon!

    That’s HALF of what MilViz charges for their excellent F4U (no CFD, no internals, no EFB), a third less than Aeroplane Heaven (no CFD, good looking, but buggy), and also a third less than Flying Iron Sims new Hellcat (no internals)!

    If the reviews are good, it’s a sure thing for me 🙂


  2. Snowy says:

    Check out the reviews, such as Into The Blue Simulations YT review. Seems to be yet another incomplete release. Time will tell if they finish it. I’m getting a bit tired of this trend. I can’t fly over their EGLL Heathrow due to the horrid framerates I get near it so am a little wary of them.


    1. Urgent Siesta says:

      I really enjoy and respect ITBS’ reviews.
      He himself admitted that the overall negative tone of the review stems mainly from having high expectations due to iB’s reputation rather than any glaring deficiencies, and that his criticisms are rather minor overall.

      He also clarified that the low price was a major factor that gets overshadowed.

      For e.g., his review of the PC-21 had an overall favorable tone, but I know from experience that their products aren’t all that deep and also have missing features/bugs.

      In re incomplete releases, it’s simply the way of the software world now. The key, as you say, is to know which devs build a decent track record of updates/support.


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        That track record does make a difference as time goes on. I’m spread out over a wider space than most of the usual reviewers so by the time I get to reviewing something, it’s been out for a while. Usually stuff matures or it withers on the vine… a few months after release can really shed some light on how it’s going to go.

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  3. Yolo427 says:

    For the price it’s good.
    But it’s really lacking in the sound department.
    Had to reinstall the A2A P-40 to clean my ears.


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