Baltic Dragon and Reflected Simulations both contributing to DCS: Tornado campaign

Over the holidays, Baltic Dragon, Reflected Simulations, and AviStorm jointly announced that the three groups were working together to produce a campaign for DCS: Tornado.

Tornado campaign from two of DCS’ best campaign makers

Both Baltic Dragon and Reflected Simulations have contributed a wide selection of campaigns for DCS World sold both independently as well as bundled together with various modules. Over the holidays, we learned that both campaign makers are working together with AviaStorm to offer a Tornado single player experience when that module releases. Here’s what was said.

“We are happy to announce that the Tornado campaign to come with the initial release will be created by none other than Baltic Dragon & Reflected Simulations. They will work together on the project to provide you with the best possible campaign to start your virtual Tornado journey”

This is what AviaStorm, developer of the legendary Tornado, announced on Christmas Eve – and both Reflected Simulations and myself are honoured to be part of the bird’s long awaited coming to DCS World by Eagle Dynamics.

Baltic Dragon

It was followed up by shared posts from AviaStorm and Reflected Simulations.

It’s happening. Great to have both on board to provide you guys with the best possible campaign to start with.


DCS: Tornado was one of several projects announced back in the summer of 2022. The work on this aircraft is still in the early days but we now know that it will have the backing of some great mission/scenario makers when it does arrive.

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  1. Honestly IDS Tornado is one of the most anticipated releases for me. Glad to hear that my favorite scenario/campaign producers are on it to let it shine. Both module and campaign will be instabuys for me.

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  2. CanadaOne says:

    Not sure I’m a big Tornado fan, but I can understand why some are. But I’m happy to give it a serious look when it’s out.

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  3. Blue 5 says:

    Will be on the list but TBH it would be behind the F-4, F-8, F-100 etc. A mighty aircraft, but not a first-minute purchase.

    Or maybe it would? Depends on the wine that evening…

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