Red Star Simulations provides DCS MiG-17 update

With ambitions to make it available as a full fidelity DCS World module, Red Star Simulations has provided their latest update on their MiG-17 project. Let’s have a look!

New year, new MiG-17 update

We’ve got a great status update from Red Star Simulations with some details about their MiG-17 project for DCS World. The type that the team is building is confirmed to be a MiG-17F. Due to a lack of data, the team are not currently pursuing a MiG-17AS version which had K-13 air-to-air missile capability. The MiG-17F they are building will, on the other hand, include an Egyptian weapons package that includes the 76mm ‘Sakr’ rockets as well as additional fuselage pylons for bombs. The loadout configurations are listed in a graphic released on their Facebook page.

We’ve also learned from the team the status of various components. They report that the cockpit and external 3D models are complete and awaiting optimization and texturing. The report also indicates that flight modeling is 95% complete. The pilot model is also complete.

It sounds like this project is moving along well. Red Star Simulations have previously stated that they had intended to reach out to Eagle Dynamics by the end of last year and receive certification for their project. No update is provided on that, however, it does look like the team are building the aircraft to a level that would make it worthy of a paid DCS module.

An Egyptian armed MiG-17 would fit in nicely with OnReTech’s DCS: Sinai map…

More on this as it develops. In the meantime, check out the screenshots and visit the Red Star Simulations Facebook page for even more detail shots!

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  1. Raptor341 says:

    I’d like to see the development focus on the Egyptian modified variant for inclusion into the DCS Sinai map and perhaps a small campaign to go with it. In this way the Mig-17F will fit nicely into a lot of Middle Eastern scenarios of which DCS is fairly well positioned to take advantage of.

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  2. Blue 5 says:

    Double-pack with the F-4?

    If you have not read Price / Ellis One Day In A Very Long War then I thoroughly recommend.


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