Flight Sim Studio AG’s E-Jets early access begins next week

Flight Sim Studio AG’s Embraer E-175 is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator next week according to Cruiselevel.de, a German language flight sim news blog, that also hosted a live stream earlier today with the developers. Here’s what we know!

E-175 first, more models later

On January 10th, FSS AG will release their Embraer E175 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. This will be an early access release with some parts of the jet deeply modeled while other sections will be developed post release. The team are publishing their jet through Aerosoft’s online store exclusively although they are keen to point out that they are their own independent developer.

Early access pricing is planned for around $30 USD and pricing will gradually rise as features are developed and the product becomes more mature. Essentially this gives you the option of buying in early and getting a better deal but also having to wait for additional systems that will come later.

The developers also confirmed during the stream that the E-170 and E-175 would be released as part of one package while the E-190 and E-195 would be part of another. The other variants would be released later on down the line.

The studio website is now fully up detailing the project. There’s also a roadmap that they will be updating (frequently from the looks of it) and an online manual covering a variety of operations with the jet.

CruiseLevel.de got the scoop with a world premier of the launch hosted in a mostly English live stream. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube and check out a complete flight. The team go into the details of what is and isn’t available on release and what the team intends to offer as development continues. Other streamers are apparently embargoed until tomorrow at which point we should see a bunch more flying the newest airliner to go into MSFS. Check it all out!


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