FSS E-175 early access controversy, release

FlightSim Studio AG has just released their first E-Jets package with the early access release of the E-175 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The jet is now available to be purchased but it launches with some controversy and with an official statement from the developer team seeking to fill in some details on the release. Let’s get into it!

Released with a bit of controversy

For those eagerly awaiting an E-Jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSS AG’s E-175 early access has attracted plenty of attention. Some great trailers from Aviation Lads really caught my attention and that of other airliner fans.

It has attracted some controversy following the live stream with Cruiselevel where the developers talked about some of the features not present on the jet in early access.

Accusations began to fly prompting the developers to make a statement yesterday clearing up some details. Here’s some of what they had to say.

There have been a lot of emotions about our announcement of the E175 coming out for MSFS recently. While there were many supportive and positive comments, there were also many negative reactrions {sic}, and we are the ones to blame for that. We were too excited about the release and we have set the expectations too high with our teaser videos. This in turn meant the community was expecting something that we cannot offer – yet!

The controversy, as best as I can gather, is surrounding some of the features not included in early access. That includes systems like VNAV as well as a variety of other items.

They also clarify the release packaging.

Initially, only the E175 will be released. Once we finish the E170, all customers of the E175 will receive the E170 for free. This product will be the E170/E175 bundle.

FSS AG statement

The E170/175 package is the first to be released and then they plan to follow that up with the slightly larger E195.

Next, the E195 will be released as a separate product. Once we also finish the E190, all customers of the E195 will receive the E190 for free. This product will be the E190/E195 bundle.

FSS AG statement

There’s more so I do encourage people to read the full statement.

For those keen to get in on the ground floor with the early access period, the E170/175 package is being sold for $39.99 USD on the Aerosoft store. The price is expected to climb as the product becomes more mature so those willing to endure the process should get a pretty good deal. Get more information on the Aerosoft website here.

My take

I don’t know if its my regular exposure to the early access model with IL-2 and DCS World, or if its my lower level of knowledge of airliner systems and operations, but I admit that I haven’t seen the controversy surrounding FSS AG’s E-Jets early access release in the same way that others in the community have.

The product page for the E-Jets product has listed early access throughout their advertisements of the module (and I have reported on that throughout). Their website has a list of what features are included in the initial release and what comes later. Admittedly, that list does involve clicking several times to get the complete view. It does lack a key feature that many airliner fans want to have – the ability to program VNAV.

I have seen criticism that the E-Jets release is a skin with no systems depth. With plenty of custom panels already on display, a custom visual for the FMC and keyboard entry into the FMC, and the promise of more to come, the criticism seems to be slightly hyperbolic in my estimaton.

I see this as similar to what we saw from Eagle Dynamics with jets like the F/A-18C which launched without a targeting pod, datalink, IFF, air to ground radar, and so forth. That caused its own controversy but eventually the issue died down as these systems were developed and released. I think that probably will happen here too.

Assuming FSS AG deliver on their plan in a timeline that they continue to update us on and assuming that their process remains transparent, I think this release should be fine. It has my attention and a small regional airliner sounds line a fun flight even without the more advanced systems in place. But then I’m not strictly speaking a virtual airliner pilot and the missing features may offer real headaches to those wanting the highest level of simulation right away.


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  1. Jer Stryker says:

    I haven’t dug very deep into the controversy, but I did skim through the livestream the other day and caught the vibe in the comments section. For me, I can’t recall a payware airplane for MSFS or XP that was released with so many unfinished features, so I’d say it being an uncommon occurrence in this subgenre doesn’t help. I also think the teaser videos gave the feeling of a more finished product than is being released. I’m glad they addressed this and are now very up front about expectations. I’m ok with this. On the other hand I’ve supported enough early access products that by now I have a good feeling of when it’s safe for me to dive in, and for me this product isn’t there yet. I still have high hopes though.

    Regarding VNAV, I saw some comments in the video by the developers saying that the VNAV in the aircraft was not very good and that many airlines don’t even use it. I flew the E170/175 for 2 different airlines years ago and for both of them, VNAV was our primary vertical mode, though there was a time not too long before I showed up where VNAV was prohibited due to issues that were eventually addressed. I will say the VNAV on the E175 was in some ways better than Boeing and Airbus planes I’ve flown since. It was also not as good in a couple ways as well, but overall I would prefer to use it. This is just my opinion and I’m sure they have had other E175 pilots tell them otherwise.

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  2. CanadaOne says:

    I can’t remember any solid details, but there was a launch disaster in FSX with an airliner several years back. A total mess and people got very hot about it. I’m curious if you or anyone here remembers.


    1. Jer Stryker says:

      I didn’t fly much FSX unfortunately. Too busy with my early career and little kids. It wasn’t until I was doing an online flight instructor refresher course a few years ago that I realized how much I was starting to miss general aviation and civilian flight sims, and decided to try XP11.

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