Aerobask go back to roots with new DA42

X-Plane aircraft developer Aerobask are celebrating 10-years of developing high quality airplanes for X-Plane and their team have just announced a return to their very first model – a brand new DA42.

Decade of development

The folks at Aerobask have developed a reputation for consistently high quality aircraft for X-Plane over the years. Their Robin DR401 freeware for X-Plane 11 helped sell me on the sim and I’ve been a fan of their other releases including their DA62, Legacy RG, Phenom 300 and DA50 RG. All aircraft that I could easily recommend to anyone interested in X-Plane.

Their next release is a tribute to their very first airplane. In 2013 they came out with a DA42 for X-Plane 10 and now ten years later they have a DA42 in the works for X-Plane 12.

The new aircraft comes with the usual assortment of features you’d expect for 2023. There’s a detailed external model with PBR 4K textures, G1000 with custom EIS and annunciation, synthetic vision by OscarPilote, custom FADEC simulation and simulated oxygen and ice protection and FMOD sounds round out most of the headlining features. It also has wingbend similar to their DA50 RG project.

No release date is given but Aerobask tend to announce projects near their completion point so I would expect this will be out in a matter of weeks.

Get more info from the Aerobask website.

How does it fit in?

I’m usually excited about Aerobask aircraft releases and I’ve bought quite a few over the years. The DA42 seems like an obvious pick for the team as it’s a nod to their legacy over the last 10-years and it answers the occasional requests for an update to the old X-Plane 10 project.

On the other hand, it may be difficult for new buyers to distinguish between the DA42, DA50 and DA62 options as all are quite similar overall. I thoroughly enjoy both the DA50 and DA62 and so the DA42 may slide into collector’s aircraft lists easily as a known quantity. Others may not find it necessary to own them all.

On the upside, Aerobask have reported that the DA62 was one of their best selling products and with the DA50 presumably doing well too, the DA42 is probably a low risk option for the developer.

The DA42 itself is the slightly smaller brother of the later DA62. With a similar overall configuration, the DA42 has seating for 4 people instead of the 6 on the DA62. It’s also lighter and has a slightly higher cruise speed so for some these small differences may make it worth their simming time!

I look forward to release!


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    Does it come as an uncrewed variant?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      You mean like without any passengers? Yeah if it’s like any of the others you’ll be able to specifically set which seats have people in them.


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Ohhhh, you mean the drone version. No I don’t think so! ☺️


      1. Blue 5 says:



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