More Mirage F1EE video, screenshots

If past patterns are repeated, Aerges are on final approach for release of the second variant of their DCS: Mirage F1 module with the F1EE getting most of the attention. There are new videos and screenshots out and you might want to have a look at them!

Refueling, Super 530F, more

The Mirage F1EE is the second variant of the Mirage F1 that Aerges intend to release for their module. Packaged in with the F1CE and later on the BE and M versions, the Mirage F1 will ultimately see four variants as part of Aerges overall release plan.

Each version appears to bring something new to the table. The CE is the basic version while the forthcoming EE which appears to be ready for release any time now comes with a slightly modified cockpit, INS navigation systems, a new RWR, and more. Both EE and CE versions are going to also get a small weapons upgrade with the Matra Super 530F.

The 530F will be an upgrade on the R530 that is currently available for the Mirage F1 with capabilities that are closer to the 530D (don’t let the alphabetical sequence fool you here, the F came before the D model) which is an impressive weapon indeed. For basic comparison sake, the earlier R530 has a maximum speed of just Mach 2.7 – slow by missile standards. The 530F is listed at Mach 4.5 and the 530D is listed at about Mach 5. So expect this to add considerably to the F1’s missile duelling capacity.

Screeshots have been released slowly, about one per day, from Aerges over on their Facebook page. Here are some of the latest!

And that’s not all because videos have been released too. Ismael Jorda is back with more videos. The first showing off aerial refuelling over DCS: South Atlantic.

The second video is shorter and focuses on the Super 530F.

I’m also not sure if I’ve shared another F1EE video this time coming from Spudknocker. The F1EE video he did plays more like a old training video but it does serve as a useful overview of some of the key changes with this version. I was surprised to see just how much of the cockpit had been rearranged with the F1EE version. I suspect the changes will make it very popular indeed.

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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Aerges on FB said it’s coming in next OB release 🙂


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Excellent! That seemed increasingly the case with the ramp up of information.


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