SimCoders SR22 released, COWS DA42, Aerobask Victory and VSkyLabs updates

Some X-Plane news to round-up today including the next Aerobask project to get the X-Plane 12 upgrade, Falcon8X project update, VSkyLabs updates, COWS announces a DA42 and SimCoders releases their SR22 reality expansion pack update. Let’s have a look at this X-Plane news round-up.

Aerobask Victory upgrade

Well known X-Plane aircraft maker Aerobask are working their way through their back catalogue of aircraft and updating them to X-Plane 12. Although not every project will get the update, many of their more recent airplanes will and that includes the Victory.

The upgraded version for X-Plane 12 has an updated flight model and tweaked visuals to match the needs of the new sim. It has the usual array of features including Aerobask’s control panel, G1000 with synthetic vision, custom EFIS, FMOD sounds, AviTab support, and more. The X-Plane 11 version remains available and unchanged.

If you already own the Victory, you can login to your Store account and download the new install. If you want to buy it, it’s available for $34.95 USD in the X-Plane.Org store.

Aerobask Falcon 8X image

It’s been in the works for a few years now and Aerobask are now starting to drop small teasers about their Falcon 8X project. They have been responsive on the forums with small updates indicating continual progress. Now there’s a new image of the airplane showing on their official Facebook page.

No word on when this highly anticipated business jet will arrive but the image is a good one!

SimCoders SR22 reality expansion available

I’ve not covered it before but many X-Plane pilots may have heard of SimCoders. This group works on default X-Plane aircraft and adds several extra layers of depth and detail to the simulation. Their latest project is the SR22 for X-Plane 12.

The project takes the default SR22 and then alters the flight model, adds a deeper engine simulation, adjusts onboard systems and adds failure modeling, a maintenance hangar, a knee board, accessories like tie downs and wheel chocks, and even adjustments to the the sounds. It has features like persistent state between uses and it will even do things like drain the battery if you forget to turn it off after your last session. The length of time between flights will determine how much has drained away.

The reality expansion pack is available for the X-Plane 12 SR22 via the Store.

You can also learn about it on their website!

VSkyLabs updates their Scheibe SF-25C

The folks at VSkyLabs have just released another X-Plane 12 update of their own. This time its the Scheibe SF-25C which goes up to version 5.0. The Scheibe SF-25C Falke is an interesting and rarely simulated German touring motor-glider – essentially a sailplane with a small motor intended to get it up to altitude on its own.

The X-Plane 12 version is now available on the Store.


A new developer team is jumping into X-Plane and their first aircraft is looking to be a highly realistic rendition of the Diamond DA42. Offering detailed visuals and a flight model tweaked and tuned referenced by the developers themselves who are all DA42 pilots, the big standout feature appears to be the custom coding and the inclusion of a G1000NXi in the cockpit.

The team suggest that the pricing will be above average which might suggest that this is aiming at being more of a premium product with a higher level of detail modeled in than competing aircraft.

Read their full announcement here.


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  1. I know a certain av-geek that will be happy about a new REP pack being released XD

    Liked by 2 people

  2. CarlWeathers says:

    Tough timing for COWS considering that Aerobask released their relatively premium-priced DA-42 within the last week.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey Carl! Thanks for writing in.

      Yep, the timing is both interesting and challenging. With both announcements coming so recently it seems possible that the two teams were aware of their products and doing the DA42 makes sense for both teams as well. But they are definitely competing for similar audiences and I suspect for many, the Aerobask option is good enough. I myself keep hovering over the buy button! 🙂


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